Are you get­ting the sig­nals right... or is it just BS?

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A few years back, I had a crush on a girl who was al­ready in a re­la­tion­ship. I got over it and now I feel she has a crush on me. I see some signs. I can’t ask her up­front be­cause she will never ac­knowl­edge it. More­over, she is a re­ally nice per­son and this might turn her away from me for­ever. Please help. BS

BS, I hope you are get­ting the right signs. I hope your signs aren’t BS, BS? Your quandary is sim­i­lar to BS Chang’s quandary. (Yes his ini­tials were also BS, BS). Chang was in a Ja­panese con­cen­tra­tion camp in the 1920s. He fell in love with fe­male Ja­panese guard, but as a Chi­nese prisoner, such a re­la­tion­ship was frowned on. How­ever, Chang no­ticed the guard kept star­ring at him. It seemed ob­vi­ous, that she had a crush. So one day he asked her about it. This re­sulted in her and four guards thrash­ing Chang within an inch of his life. She then robbed him of his gold watch, which was what she was star­ing at in the first place. So please fig­ure out your signs. And what is wrong in just tak­ing it at a nor­mal pace, and try­ing to just be con­sis­tent friend first? This rush to have your love val­i­dated is com­plete BS, BS.

I’ve been in a re­la­tion­ship with a girl since a long time. A few months back, she got at­tracted to­wards my friend. When I asked her, she lied to me. Though, later, she con­fessed about it. How do I deal with the sit­u­a­tion and pur­sue my re­la­tion­ship? MKG

MKG, let’s an­swer your query through a sub­ject in which I’m still tak­ing tu­itions, Math­e­mat­ics. If 16+9=25, then you can’t be­have like Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and de­cide that. Hence­forth, 16+9=22, be­cause you feel like that’s a lat­ter an­swer for you, per­son­ally 16+9=25, and that’s that. The girl has given you her an­swer. Which is she + other guy = Re­la­tion­ship. So I im­plore you, once again, don’t be­have like Kim Jong Un and try and change the equa­tion. It’s her plus him. Sim­ple as that. You can’t guilt her into lov­ing you. 16+9 re­mains 25. No mat­ter how bad you make 9 feel about the sum.

I’ve been dat­ing my boyfriend for a year now. He is very nice and sweet. But, now, I am in­ter­ested in an­other guy. I think even he is in­ter­ested in me, de­spite know­ing that I am in a re­la­tion­ship. What should I do? AKG

AKG, re­mem­ber the one­legged Pi­rate Cap­tain Den­zel Sil­ver­ado? Don’t worry, no­body does. Sil­ver­ado robbed and plun­dered 127 ships in his life­time. And it all ended when, on cross­ing from his 126th to his 127th ship, be­cause of his par­tic­u­lar phys­i­cal con­di­tion, he fell into the sea and was eaten alive by sharks i.e. the sharks were alive while eat­ing him. Sil­ver­ado was fa­mous for al­ways chang­ing ships, at the drop of a pi­rate’s hat. I beg you don’t do the same thing. If you want to switch ships, please find out if that guy is re­ally in­ter­ested, or you shall end up los­ing both ships, and will be forced to travel by road again. Some­times, we all en­joy a lit­tle at­ten­tion, but that doesn’t mean we want to jump ship, Ms AKG.

I was dat­ing my cousin, but we broke off due to stud­ies. He said we will get mar­ried in the fu­ture. I’m con­fused whether he will keep his prom­ise. I love him a lot. What should I do? AS

AS, why are you telling me he’s your cousin? Are you feel­ing guilty? I mean, it doesn’t af­fect me, un­less he’s also my cousin? Which would make you my sec­ond cousin. And that would mean we should take this sit­u­a­tion off­line and deal with it. There are two is­sues: (a) he’s your cousin, and (b) will he keep his prom­ise? For both cases, you can have him take a blood test. ‘O’ pos­i­tive blood groups are 44 per cent more likely to keep their prom­ises. But that’s a risk you’ll have to take. The cousin thing? Looks like you both have al­ready got past that, so who am I to tell you what to do? By the way, if it helps, pri­mates and mon­key mate with each other in spite of be­ing first cousins, and even closer rel­a­tives in some cases. And if it’s good enough for a pri­mate, it’s good enough for me.

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