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The prob­lem of body odour per­sists a lot in sum­mer when the scorch­ing heat causes ex­ces­sive sweat­ing. Here’s how can get rid of the menace or at least re­duce it con­sid­er­ably. Ex­perts ad­vise:

Shower twice a day: Tak­ing a bath twice a day is a per­fect so­lu­tion for those who sweat ex­ces­sively. It not only cools you but also tar­gets your body odour.

Let your body dry be­fore dress­ing: It’s bet­ter to let your body dry be­fore putting on clothes. Wipe your body com­pre­hen­sively with a towel to dry your body prop­erly as wet­ness at­tracts sweat eas­ily.

Get rid of un­wanted hair: Whether you wear full-sleeved tees or sleeve­less ones, get rid of the un­wanted hair that may start giv­ing a foul smell due to sweat­ing.

Use an­tibac­te­rial soap: An­tibac­te­rial soaps help counter the bac­te­ria of the bod, which fur­ther helps to lessen body odour. Con­sult your der­ma­tol­o­gist to se­lect the soap as per your body type. In­form him in ad­vance about your skin al­ler­gies.

Es­sen­tial oils: Us­ing es­sen­tial oils like laven­der, pep­per­mint and pine are also ways to re­duce body odour. These oils give you a nice fra­grance and last longer.

Us­ing lemon: Rub­bing lemon on the parts that stink a lot can help you re­duce the smell. You can also squeeze a lemon into the bucket and bathe with that wa­ter. It is a per­fect so­lu­tion to re­duce smell from the feet.

Eat the right food: Oily or fried food and spicy food can be a rea­son be­hind sweat­ing which turns into body odour.

Wear the right shoes and clothes: Don’t wear clothes made of ny­lon or syn­thetic stuff as they re­tain sweat. Wear loose, com­fort­able cot­ton clothes. Also with shoes, opt for cot­ton socks.

An­tiper­spi­rant with de­odor­ant: While us­ing de­odor­ants to cover the strong smell of sweat­ing, also use an­tiper­spi­rant to con­trol the sweat dur­ing the day.


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