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You’re so sweet... I adore you, but I don’t feel for you the ro­man­tic way, yaar” — these are the words one is most likely to use if they’re friend­zon­ing you (so no scope for you be­ing his or her bae). Just the thought of your crush say­ing this to you can give one the shiv­ers. And we’re sure you don’t want this to be­come a re­al­ity. It can be pre­vented, say re­la­tion­ship ex­perts. Here’s what we gath­ered from a quick chat with some city-based coun­sel­lors.

Have that air of mys­tery about you: If your crush knows just about ev­ery­thing about you, there will be no cu­rios­ity left. They might still en­joy chill­ing with you, but might not make time es­pe­cially to want to get to know you bet­ter. So, be­ing un­pre­dictable to your po­ten­tial part­ner is the key here, as only then will he or she chase you.

Keep giv­ing com­pli­ments and at­ten­tion: You give at­ten­tion, and make sure you get it back — that’s the idea! Mak­ing your crush feel spe­cial and com­pli­ment­ing him for his looks, per­son­al­ity or wit will get you bonus points, in turn, cre­at­ing fond­ness. You can al­ways throw in some healthy flirt­ing!

Keep drop­ping hints: Sub­tly express how you feel. Drop hints by telling your crush that you like spend­ing time to­gether. Plan out­ings for just the two of you and talk about each other.

In­puts by re­la­tion­ship ex­perts Pulkit Sam­rat and Jai Madaan


From drop­ping sub­tle hints to harm­less flirt­ing, there are ways to take that re­la­tion­ship beyond friend­ship

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