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Anew re­search re­veals, in ad­di­tion to ben­e­fit­ting your heart and mus­cles, a reg­u­lar walk con­trib­utes to keep­ing your brain healthy.

Walk­ing sends pres­sure waves through the ar­ter­ies that sig­nif­i­cantly mod­ify and can in­crease the sup­ply of blood to the brain, ac­cord­ing to a study pre­sented at the Amer­i­can Phys­i­o­log­i­cal So­ci­ety an­nual meet in Chicago.

While the ef­fects of walk­ing on CBF were less dra­matic than those caused by run­ning, they were greater than the ef­fects seen dur­ing cy­cling, which in­volves no foot im­pact at all. “New data now strongly sug­gest that brain blood flow is very dy­namic and de­pends di­rectly on cyclic aor­tic pres­sures that in­ter­act with ret­ro­grade pres­sure pulses from foot im­pacts,” the re­searchers wrote.

In a sep­a­rate study pub­lished last year in the jour­nal Open Sci­ence, a team of re­searchers from Aus­tralia and South Africa showed that the evo­lu­tion of hu­man in­tel­li­gence was not sim­ply re­lated to the size of the brain, but rather linked more closely to the sup­ply of blood to the brain.

To al­low our brain to be in­tel­li­gent, it must be con­stantly fed oxy­gen and nu­tri­ents from the blood, the re­searchers said.


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