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8-10 red bell pep­pers, cut in ■ halves 5 gar­lic cloves with ■ the peel 2 cups onion, ■ chopped 2tbsp olive oil ■

2 sprigs of thyme 2 bay ■ ■ leaves 4 cups veg­etable ■ broth 1tsp hot sauce ■

1-2tbsp rice vine­gar 1/2tsp ■ ■ ground pep­per 1/2tsp salt ■ Method

Cut the pep­pers into half a ■ nd re­move the seeds. Press the red pep­pers flat with your hand and lay them on a tray lined with a bak­ing sheet. Place the gar­lic cloves on the bak­ing sheet. Boil the red pep­pers and gar­lic for 15 min­utes in a oven. Once the pep­per skin turns black, re­move from the oven and

place in a large zi­plock bag to steam for around 10 min­utes.

Heat a large pot and add ■ the oil, thyme, bay leaves and onions. Cook for 10 min­utes un­til onions are soft. Add the broth, hot sauce, salt and pep­per. Squeeze the gar­lic cloves into the pot. Then, peel the charred skin off each pep­per and place it in the pot. Re­duce the heat, cover and cook for an­other 20 min­utes. Re­move the bay leaves and thyme sprigs.

Us­ing a hand­held im­mer­sion ■ blender or a stan­dard blender and blend the mix­ture un­til smooth. Add the vine­gar and salt again if needed. Serve with ex­tra thyme leaves.

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