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Here’s the thing — the more fat you con­sume, the oilier your skin gets. The body at­tempts to elim­i­nate tox­ins, fats and oils through the pores of our skin. Re­duce the in­take of fatty food, and you’ll see dra­matic changes in the health of your skin.

Acne is com­mon in teens due to hor­monal changes at pu­berty. Skin prob­lems such as acne and eczema re­spond well to a pro­gramme of diet, herbs and vi­ta­mins. Some key skin vi­ta­mins are listed be­low:

Vi­ta­min A: It’s a pow­er­ful vi­ta­min for acne and hor­mone sta­bil­ity. But if you’re plan­ning a baby, avoid vit A sup­ple­ments, as high doses can cause foetal de­fects. Vit A is a po­tent in­fec­tion fighter and helps boost im­mu­nity.

Zinc: It’s crit­i­cal to main­tain healthy skin and for healthy func­tion­ing of our im­mune sys­tem. Re­fined foods and ex­ces­sive con­sump­tion of non-veg food de­pletes the body of zinc. Zinc is use­ful in con­trol­ling acne, eczema, fre­quent colds and blood su­gar im­bal­ances. When you are un­der phys­i­cal or emo­tional stress, you tend to have zinc de­fi­ciency. This may be one of the rea­sons why you are more prone to acne when un­der stress. Nat­u­ral sources of zinc in­clude pump­kin seeds, sun­flower seeds, al­monds, sesame seeds. You can take sup­ple­ments of zinc sul­phate or zinc pi­col­i­nate.

Vi­ta­min C :Itisso fun­da­men­tal to our health that there is pos­si­bly no con­di­tion which does not im­prove with vi­ta­min C. When taken in high doses of 1,000 mg or more, it adds a translu­cent glow to your skin. It’s help­ful in con­di­tions such as com­mon cold, asthma, al­ler­gies, high blood pres­sure to can­cer. It helps pre­serve collagen, thus pre­vent­ing or de­lay­ing wrin­kle for­ma­tion. Nat­u­ral sources in­clude guava, cap­sicum, or­anges, sour lime, sweet lime, green tea and most raw fruits and raw veg­eta­bles. The ben­e­fit of con­sum­ing fresh juices is that they con­tain the en­tire fam­ily of C-com­plex which has more ef­fect than when taken in the syn­thetic form.

Smile: In ad­di­tion to ■ cor­rect­ing diet and tak­ing vi­ta­mins, it is im­por­tant to wear a smile on your face for most of the day. It helps to con­trol stress and makes you glow from within... I’ve never seen a smil­ing face that was not beau­ti­ful!


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