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I met a guy on­line and af­ter a while we started lik­ing each other. I have made it clear that I’m look­ing for a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship but he says he’s not a se­ri­ous kind of a guy. He wants to ex­plore the re­la­tion­ship first. Should I give him a chance or just end this thing? SK SK, the Ti­betan poet, Sang So Baad ex­plained your prob­lem in his fa­mous book called ‘Egg’. This graphic novel, writ­ten in 1772, traces the jour­ney of the Egg all the way to the chicken, and then back again from the said chicken to the egg once again. This was taken for­ward by his com­peti­tor, Von Hoo Fort who sub­se­quently pub­lished his own ro­man­tic bal­lad “What came from the Egg or Chicken”! This led to cen­turies of con­fu­sion on the sub­ject of both chicken and egg. Your an­swer lies in ac­tu­ally fol­low­ing the boy (eggs), sug­ges­tion. He’s right to be in the ‘egg’ stage. First ex­plore, and get to know each other. Please give him, and your­self a chance. You are too early to be a chicken. I am mar­ried with a three-yearold daugh­ter. My hus­band likes to spend late nights with his friends and be­cause of this rea­son he even lost his job. He doesn’t want to give us at­ten­tion and take re­spon­si­bil­ity. We of­ten have fights be­cause of his be­hav­ior. What should I do? NT NT, this is like ask­ing some­one if you should swim in the river which has al­li­ga­tors in it. I mean you should, but

please wear a float. The guy sounds like he’s up for In­ter­na­tional fa­ther of the year. An award like he’s prob­a­bly win again and again in his sleep. C’mon, he’s got no time for you, for his daugh­ter, for his job. If he doesn’t re­al­ize his fool­ish­ness, well, you clearly de­serve bet­ter. For sev­eral months, I have been try­ing to get into a re­la­tion­ship with a girl. But, she doesn’t want to com­pletely end her re­la­tion­ship with her ex. When I tell her to end it, she cries. She says she will marry me. What should I do? Ar­jun Ar­jun, the Greek Math­e­mati­cian, ‘Arias the Liar’, ex­plained that in Ge­og­ra­phy, some­times you need to do less, to reach a des­ti­na­tion that is, less is “bet­ter than more”. He proved this by trav­el­ling to modern day Mozam­bique, he did ab­so­lutely noth­ing for 27 years. Bear in mind, for the times that Arias lived in, his eval­u­a­tors called him mod­er­ately, suc­cess­ful. So please feel free to do less. You’ve al­ready stated your po­si­tion. She knows where you stand. Try the op­po­site now. Pull away, and let her sort her mess out.

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