Pro­tect sil­ver jew­ellery from hu­mid­ity

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Your sil­ver jew­ellery needs all the more care dur­ing monsoon. Hu­mid­ity and air pol­lu­tants of­ten take away its sheen. How can you store sil­ver or­na­ments best? Here are some handy tips:

Re­move jew­ellery be­fore a shower or wash­ing your hands. Avoid wear­ing it in the rain.

Don’t use liq­uid clean­ers on your jew­ellery, as they get stuck in the en­grav­ings and cause dull­ness.

Store in zi­plock plas­tic bags and stuff a thin layer of cot­ton on the walls of the bag. The con­tainer that you put the bags in should be mois­ture re­sis­tant, and the sur­round­ings un­ex­posed to air and light.

It is ad­vis­able to put ac­ti­vated char­coal and sil­i­con pouch in the zi­plock bag to pre­vent tar­nish­ing.

Take your jew­ellery to a pro­fes­sional sil­ver cleaner or jew­eller to get it treated with the right equip­ment and treat­ments like the sil­ver dip to main­tain its lus­tre, bril­liance and ver­sa­til­ity.

Or, opt for eco­nom­i­cal and en­vi­ron­ment friendly sil­ver clean­ers in your kitchen. Soap and wa­ter: Use a mild, am­mo­nia and phos­phate-free dish­wash­ing soap with luke­warm wa­ter. Olive oil and le­mon juice: Mix half a cup of le­mon juice with one tea­spoon olive oil in a bowl. Dip a mi­crofi­bre cloth in it, squeeze out the so­lu­tion well and then pol­ish, rinse and dry your sil­ver.

When get­ting dressed, wear the jew­ellery af­ter you’re done ap­ply­ing cos­met­ics and per­fume, or it can cause dam­age to the del­i­cate items.


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