The plea­sure hunt for cou­ples

As sex­ual-en­hance­ment prod­ucts make their way into the lives of an in­creas­ing num­ber of In­di­ans, we find out if we are fi­nally ready to ex­per­i­ment

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In Western coun­tries, the use of sex­ual-en­hance­ment prod­ucts or sex toys, as they are called, is very com­mon. You get these prod­ucts off­line and in on­line stores as well. These days, in In­dia too, sev­eral web­sites have started sell­ing these prod­ucts. One such por­tal thatsper­ has come out with a na­tional sur­vey about the use of sex­ual-en­hance­ment prod­ucts in the coun­try. Ac­cord­ing to their data, among cities in In­dia, Mum­bai has the high­est sale of plea­sure prod­ucts; Delhi comes a close sec­ond, with 38% of the buy­ers be­ing women. In Bar­oda, Pune and Thiru­vanan­tha­pu­ram, the num­ber of fe­male buy­ers are more than men.


So, does this mean In­di­ans are fi­nally ready to ex­per­i­ment with sex­ual-en­hance­ment prod­ucts or it’s only the cu­rios­ity level that is mak­ing peo­ple buy these prod­ucts? Re­la­tion­ship ex­pert Kin­jal Pandya says that the rise in the use of these prod­ucts is be­cause of our busy lives. She says, “Sex has a stress­re­liev­ing ef­fect. So, af­ter sex, as hor­mones are re­leased, peo­ple gen­er­ally feel stress-free and re­laxed. And, be­cause the stress lev­els have in­creased dras­ti­cally in the last few years, peo­ple are crav­ing for more and more sex. Now, not ev­ery­body will have a part­ner with whom they can in­dulge in sex when­ever and wher­ever they want to. So, hav­ing a sex­u­alen­hance­ment

prod­uct at their dis­posal, which they can use when­ever they want to, helps. Though it may be me­chan­i­cal, at least you know you are not cheat­ing on your part­ner.”


The use of these prod­ucts with­out your part­ner’s con­sent can also cause hur­dles in your re­la­tion­ship. Re­la­tion­ship coun­sel­lor Vishnu Modi says, “In a way, it is risky to use these prod­ucts with­out in­form­ing your part­ner. Once your part­ner finds out the truth he or she may start be­liev­ing that you are us­ing en­hanc­ing prod­ucts be­cause you are not happy with your sex life. So, you may have to do a lot of ex­plain­ing in such a sce­nario.”

On the other hand, us­ing these prod­ucts may also help you stay to­gether, as Pandya puts it. She says, “A lot of peo­ple fall for some­one with a good in­tel­li­gence or some­one with a cre­ative mind. You may have a won­der­ful chem­istry with your part­ner in dif­fer­ent ar­eas of your life other than the phys­i­cal area. Hence, leav­ing your part­ner just be­cause you are not happy with your sex life might not seem sen­si­ble enough. So, by hav­ing a sex en­hanc­ing prod­uct you are sat­is­fy­ing your­self and you con­tinue liv­ing with your part­ner at the same time.”


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