A fruity diet for healthy skin

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With mon­soon in force, it is highly pos­si­ble for your skin to un­dergo a host of prob­lems. The ideal way to pro­tect the skin is to feed the body with nu­tri­ent-rich fruits that can help fight in­fec­tions and in­crease im­mu­nity. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, and in­cor­po­rat­ing them in your daily diet comes with sev­eral ben­e­fits. How­ever, wash them well be­fore you con­sume them. Here are few fruits that can be con­sumed reg­u­larly, to keep your body re­sis­tant against dis­eases as well as get that lus­trous glow.

Bananas: They are loaded with nu­tri­ents such as Vi­ta­mins A, B and E, and hence work best as an an­ti­ag­ing agent.

Ap­ples: Con­tain skin-friendly nu­tri­ents and are the rich­est source of malic acid. Also known as al­pha hy­droxyl acid, it is found nat­u­rally in ap­ples and is a com­monly found in­gre­di­ent in beauty treat­ments. Malic acid pro­motes health­ier, firmer and youth­ful look­ing skin by re­new­ing skin cells with­out dam­ag­ing the skin layer. Av­o­ca­dos: Re­ferred to as a su­per food, av­o­ca­dos are one amongst the nu­tri­ent-dense fruits. They taste great and of­fer amaz­ing skin ben­e­fits when ap­plied di­rectly or con­sumed as a fruit.


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