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ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 20)

Some of you may not fare too well in a com­pe­ti­tion or exam. Those fac­ing job in­ter­views may fail to im­press and may be left strug­gling. Fi­nan­cial wor­ries may com­pel you to put brakes on some­one’s spend­ing. You can suf­fer the con­se­quences of bad eat­ing habits on the health front. Tem­pers may flare on the home front. Lucky No: 7 Lucky Colour: Golden Brown

TAURUS (APR 21 - MAY 20)

You may be en­trusted with some­thing im­por­tant and are likely to do a good job of it. Praise awaits some on the aca­demic front, as you ex­cel in your field. Plan­ning some­thing ex­clu­sive for lover on the ro­man­tic front is on the cards. El­i­gi­ble are likely to find a suit­able mate. Money­wise there seems to be no wor­ries. Health re­mains good. Lucky No: 6 Lucky Colour: For­est Green

GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 21)

Some­one is likely to be­come your men­tor and help you out of a dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tion on the aca­demic front. Fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion will sta­bilise as you put a stop to waste­ful ex­pen­di­ture. Fam­ily will prove to be a pil­lar of sup­port for those fac­ing some­thing im­por­tant. A trip will help re­alise your dream. You will man­age to bring changes in your life­style. Lucky No: 2 Lucky Colour: Light Grey


What­ever you prom­ise, you must de­liver. Oth­er­wise it may be­come dif­fi­cult for oth­ers to trust you. A re­lapse can­not be ruled out in an ail­ment, so get a thor­ough med­i­cal check up done. Sav­ings may get de­pleted due to ir­re­spon­si­ble spend­ing. Your ro­man­tic en­deav­ours may not suc­ceed, but don’t lose heart. Lucky No: 9 Lucky Colour: Choco­late

LEO (JULY 23 - AUG 23)

Maybe it is the weather or your mood, you are likely to feel quite ro­man­tic to­day! Now the onus of bring­ing partner in mood is en­tirely yours! Go­ing out for a func­tion or a party can­not be ruled out for some. You will be able to ef­fec­tively deal with some­one cre­at­ing mis­un­der­stand­ings in the fam­ily re­gard­ing some­one or some­thing. Lucky No: 4 Lucky Colour: Ma­genta

VIRGO (AUG 24 - SEPT 23)

Some­times frank­ness doesn’t pay, espe­cially if it in­volves some­one in the fam­ily. You may need to learn the art of play­ing along. Los­ing your tem­per on the pro­fes­sional front will not only spoil moods, but also de­lay the progress of work. Catch­ing the ‘I’ fever on the ro­man­tic front can com­pel lover to have sec­ond thoughts. Lucky No: 11 Lucky Colour: Light Grey

LIBRA (SEPT 24 - OCT 23)

Some­one in the fam­ily is likely to raise your pres­tige. There may be many pit­falls in the emo­tional jour­ney that you have un­der­taken, but you will be able to sur­mount them all. A job switch prom­ises bet­ter work­ing hours and added perks. Do­ing per­sonal work for a se­nior will in­stantly grant you the most-favoured sta­tus! Lucky No: 22 Lucky Colour: Sky Blue


An op­por­tu­nity to re­turn the favours to some­one who had been help­ful in the past may present it­self. You must re­view an im­por­tant de­ci­sion taken on the pro­fes­sional front as it can have se­ri­ous con­se­quences. Those feel­ing ner­vous about an is­sue need to calm their nerves to avoid ill health. Keep your ha­tred for some­one un­der wraps. Lucky No: 3 Lucky Colour: Yel­low


A lot of prob­lems are fore­seen in a va­ca­tion that seemed ex­cit­ing at the be­gin­ning. Your ad­vice may not work on a fam­ily young­ster go­ing way­ward and make you see red. To­day, you may find your­self hard pressed for time in com­plet­ing of­fice tasks. Some­one’s care­less­ness may add up to your mone­tary woes. Lucky No: 17 Lucky Colour: White


When you de­sire some­thing you gen­er­ally achieve it and you are not de­terred by the ef­fort in­volved. You can be awarded a lu­cra­tive project. Homemak­ers will re­main busy, but still find time for some idle gos­sip! A young­ster may start con­tribut­ing to the fam­ily cof­fers through own earn­ings. You may in­vite some­one over for an out­ing to­gether. Lucky No: 15 Lucky Colour: Crim­son


This is the time when you should start think­ing about or­gan­is­ing some­thing im­por­tant. Your prac­ti­cal­ity that even makes com­pli­cated things look sim­ple will be in ev­i­dence to­day at work. Con­vinc­ing a se­nior about your ideas will be a ma­jor bat­tle won on the pro­fes­sional front. Wealth comes to you and keeps the cash regis­ter ring­ing. Lucky No: 5 Lucky Colour: Lemon

PISCES (FEB 20 - MAR 20)

Com­mit­ting a blooper at work and then try­ing to cover it up may not go down well with the boss. Spec­u­la­tion may lose money. Men­tal ten­sions can give sleep­less nights to some. Those try­ing to at­tract a mate are likely to take the next im­por­tant step. You can feel at­tracted to­wards a work­place col­league, but pru­dence is in play­ing the wait­ing game. Lucky No: 8 Lucky Colour: Dark Grey

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