Here’s how to get over a messy breakup

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Atoxic re­la­tion­ship af­fects your health and self­es­teem. It is best to end such a bond at the right time. Ini­tially you might feel de­pressed, but later you will re­alise that it was the best de­ci­sion made. What­ever the rea­son, one thing is for sure — it’s not easy to get over a for­mer boyfriend/girl­friend. But keep in mind that the best way for­ward in life is to live it to the fullest. You may even make your ex feel mis­er­able! If you are keen to move on, here are some tips: Re­move your ex from your so­cial me­dia feed: If you see pho­tos and sta­tus up­dates of your ex, pop­ping up ev­ery now and then on your so­cial me­dia feed, chances of you feel­ing de­pressed will in­crease. Thus, un­friend and un­fol­low them. Catch up with friends and en­joy your free­dom: Their ad­vice and com­pany might give you a dif­fer­ent perspective on how you are view­ing the breakup and even de­crease your anger. Also, if while dat­ing, you never got the time to do some­thing you liked, now is the time to break free. Go trav­el­ling solo or take up a new hobby. Hit the gym or do yoga: One of the best ways to get over some­one and yet make them envy you is to look happy and con­fi­dent. And ex­er­cise can help you do so. Not only will it make you fit and fab, it will re­duce stress lev­els, too.


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