‘Not of­fered Ram Lakhan so there’s no in­se­cu­rity’

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The 1989 hit Ram Lakhan would have been re­made by film­maker Ro­hit Shetty, but he later said that the project fell through be­cause of Bol­ly­wood ac­tors’ in­se­cu­rity about do­ing a twohero film. Ac­tor Ar­jun Kapoor, who was said to be one of the names be­ing con­sid­ered for cast­ing, re­futes the film­maker’s view. “I re­spect his opin­ion. To be­gin with, I was never of­fered Ram Lakhan and I can’t com­ment on his be­lief,” says Ar­jun. “Se­condly, I’m one of those few ac­tors who have been part of two-hero films. I’ve never shied away from shar­ing screen space with oth­ers.” He has been part of en­sem­ble cast films such as Au­rangzeb (2013), Gun­day (2014), and Mubarakan (2017). The 32-year-old ac­tor feels that ev­ery­thing can­not come down to call­ing an ac­tor in­se­cure. “A lot de­pends on where you are at that point of life when a two-hero film is of­fered to you,” says Ar­jun. “I might be okay with do­ing a two-hero film right now, but I might not be okay with it three months later, be­cause I might be in­vested in some­thing else. In­se­cu­rity as a term is not the per­fect pa­ram­e­ter. It’s a lot about the role, about what ex­cites you.” How­ever, given a chance, he wouldn’t miss out on do­ing a Ro­hit Shetty film. Shetty is the di­rec­tor be­hind the Gol­maal fran­chise, the Sing­ham movies (2011 and 2014), Chen­nai Ex­press (2013), and Dil­wale (2015). “I’m sure he is speak­ing out of his ex­pe­ri­ence and you have to give it to him,” says Ar­jun. “He must have faced some­thing like this, which is mak­ing him give such a state­ment. I love his films and I’d jump at the first op­por­tu­nity of work­ing with a di­rec­tor like him.”


Ar­jun Kapoor says that an ac­tor’s un­will­ing­ness to be in a two-hero film isn’t nec­es­sar­ily about in­se­cu­rity; other fac­tors mat­ter as well

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