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LDL — or ‘bad’ choles­terol— lev­els. Also, they tend to slightly in­crease HDL, or ‘good’ choles­terol, lev­els. Hence it is con­sid­ered a heart-friendly food,” ex­plains Urvi Ved, con­sul­tant di­eti­cian.


“Any­thing if taken in ex­cess has mul­ti­ple side ef­fects on our body. If av­o­ca­dos are con­sumed in ex­cess, there can be ad­verse ef­fects like weight­gain (due to the fat con­tent), al­ler­gies (cold or bad throat), or gas­tro-com­pli­ca­tions (bloat­ing, ex­cess vom­it­ing),” says Ke­jal Sheth, nu­tri­tion­ist, Nutriv­ity.in. Speak­ing about the ill ef­fects of ex­ces­sive con­sump­tion of ba­nanas, Sheth says, “Eat­ing too much is harm­ful not just for di­a­betic pa­tients but for ev­ery­one. It leads to weight gain, in­duces sleep with its mag­ne­sium con­tent, (which helps re­lax the mus­cles); hy­per­kalaemia, due to ex­cess potas­sium (ex­cess of potas­sium is not good as it leads to higher pulse rate or ir­reg­u­lar heart-beats); headache (con­tains tyra­mine which helps trig­gers mi­graine), ab­dom­i­nal pain, con­sti­pa­tion, etc. With in­puts from Mun­mun Ganer­i­wal, nu­tri­tion­ist

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