The Ajooba Drink­ing Game

Hindustan Times ST (Mumbai) - Brunch - - BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS -

Our favourite worst mytho­log­i­cal mashup epic is 25 years old. Did you laugh at it in 1991? Now, open up the bar and pre­pare to laugh WITH it in 2016

Clichés from myth, fan­tasy and fairy tales: a prophetic star, an evil wazir, the Ex­cal­ibur, a fly­ing car­pet, magic rings – all in 15 min­utes

Bol­ly­wood clichés: a fam­ily sep­a­rated, an evil over­lord, loss of yaadasht, maa-type sac­ri­fices,a poor-boy-rich­girl ro­mance,re­venge­plots

A tal­is­man that turns into an ele­phant… in sun­glasses

Ba­har-is­tan cos­tumes.The rich look like they have

belly-danc­ing class

A royal boy­child at­tacked at sea, res­cued by a dol­phin, who grows up into Amitabh

That AB is a masked hero Ajooba, in metal ar­mour that must scorch in the heat

Chug desi daaru for the desi su­per­hero

A lion, a leop­ard, a python and two ele­phants sav­ing a preg­nant

woman from thugs

The vil­lain say­ing “Shai­tan Zind­abad!”

Sonam, the ’90s star and won­der: What hap­pened to her?

Sip ab­sinthe. From Switzer­land, where she fled af­ter mafiathreats

Dim­ple Ka­pa­dia, sexy as hell, in ka­jal and THAT hair

Sip on a light beer. Be­cause you need to pace your­self for what’s to come in this

8 crore Indo-Rus­sian box-of­fice­bomb Sipon­alight beer. For the same rea­sons.

Down a shot. You’ll never see Jumbo again

Drink the nas­ti­est brew in your bar

Drink some­thing cold, kill the heat

This line: Hind mein au­ra­ton ko iz­zat ki nazaron se dekha jaata hai, hawas aur be­sharmi se nahin

Bachchan catch­ing ar­rows

with his bare hands

Sip beer, you’re drunk al­ready. Drink noth­ing. You al­ready can’t be­lieve your eyes

Rishi cross­dressin to get closer to Sonam

The boys us­ing a shrink­ing po­tion to in­fil­trate en­emy ter­ri­tory, but end up in their girl­friends’ bo­soms!

A crab mon­ster com­ing out of the sea to save Ajooba

Sip shar­bat. Sharaab? Tauba tauba.

Sip vodka. Neat. Be­cause WTF?

Have Vodka. That’s how they roll in Ba­har-is­tan

Chug some more desi daaru!

Toast with cham­pagne, to our broth­ers in a happy place

Fin­ish what’s left. Pass ou­t­ony­our­fly­ing­car­pet

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