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ATYP­I­CAL Ap­ple event must have cer­tain boxes that must be checked. A few ma­jor leaks a few days be­fore an an­nounce­ment (check! We even had a few leaked pic­tures). A mind-bend­ing con­tro­versy that hogs head­lines hours be­fore (check! Sam­sung obliged by hot­ting things up lit­er­ally with its Note 7 bat­tery is­sue and a global re­call). Huge queues out­side hours be­fore the event (check! The line snaked around the block and then some). Some re­ally ‘cool’ food and drinks as break­fast (check! Slid­ers and cold-pressed juices ruled the day). One big sur­prise an­nounce­ment that didn’t get leaked out (the Ap­ple Watch Nike + Edi­tion took most peo­ple by sur­prise). But ir­re­spec­tive of all the manda­tory boxes that got checked, the star of the event was the iPhone 7. Ap­ple pre­sented 10 things about the new de­vice that mat­tered. Let’s look at seven that re­ally do.

Seven things about the new iPhone 7 that re­ally mat­ter


You can show­case all kinds of beau­ti­fully shot prod­uct films, you can call it an all-new seam­less de­sign and you can tout its all-new high gloss jet-black colour op­tion. At the end of the day, the 7 is the same phone as be­fore. It’s sur­pris­ing that Ap­ple didn’t go for a rad­i­cal changeover. With the depth of de­sign tal­ent and re­sources it has, Ap­ple could change the look and feel of its phones ev­ery six months if it wanted. But it has cho­sen not to. Maybe, be­cause it is wait­ing for the 10th an­niver­sary of the iPhone (next that is faster and cap­tures more light, a new True Tone flash, a flicker sen­sor and a 7-megapixel front cam­era.

3.5mm Head­phone Jack

Ac­tu­ally the lack of it. Ap­ple calls this fea­ture ‘courage’. Courage to move au­dio tech­nol­ogy for­ward. Ear pods that con­nect via the light­ning port are in­cluded in the box. A 3.5mm adapter is in there too. It is un­like Ap­ple to throw in an add-on ac­ces­sory, but it’s a step in the right di­rec­tion.

Air Pod Head­phones

Not in­cluded, but in­no­va­tive. Ap­ple isn’t just get­ting rid of the 3.5mm jack, it wants to move all au­dio to wire­less. The AirPods are the rea­son why you might just do it. A con­tainer box that con­nects to the phone as soon as its opened, two small buds with built-in mi­cro­phones, in­frared sen­sors that make sure they only play once plugged into the ear, mo­tion ac­celerom­e­ters that respond to taps for dif­fer­ent func­tions and a five-hour bat­tery life (25 hours with the box). I’m not sure why peo­ple went on a ram­page to say th­ese would get lost eas­ily. Same size as nor­mal ear­bud head­phones, th­ese come with a box to keep them se­cure and if one drops off your ear, be­lieve me, you’ll know!

Stereo Speak­ers

Get rid of the 3.5mm jack, you gain space in­side. The best way to use that space is to add an­other speaker. Thus the iPhone 7 has stereo speak­ers at the top and bot­tom of the phone that are now twice as loud and have greater dy­namic range. That’s what Ap­ple said. I couldn’t make out as the demo room was noisy! There are some more things like the all-new A10 Fu­sion chip which Ap­ple claims is the most pow­er­ful chip in any smart­phone ever. A big claim and I’m sure the ri­vals are itch­ing to come up with some state­ments. Or the fact that the stor­age has been dou­bled across the board now to 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB.

So what’s the fi­nal ver­dict? Well, not an easy an­swer. Peo­ple ex­pected the 7 to look and be dif­fer­ent in rad­i­cal ways. But Ap­ple has once again done just enough to make sure con­sumer in­ter­est is high and the com­pe­ti­tion goes back to the draw­ing board. The dual-lens cam­era, the home but­ton, the start of a new era of au­dio as well as w&dR fea­ture are more than enough to keep the iPhone 7 sales high and mighty.

And just like any other Ap­ple event, one more box got checked. A big ru­mour as the event gets over. This time it’s about the next iPhone be­ing called the iPhone 10 in­stead of the iPhone 7S. Chew on that for the next 12 months!

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