Sr. Vice-Pres­i­dent, DAV Trust Shri Pra­bodh Ma­ha­jan’s mes­sage on the Teacher’s Day in 2015

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Teach­ing pro­fes­sion.val­ues thatis a right­eous teach­ers The

in­fuse in stu­dents leave an

in­deli­ble mark on them

and mould their char­ac­ter.

Ed­u­ca­tion with­out the right

val­ues is like a ship with­out

a cap­tain. Stu­dents should

also have hu­man­i­tar­ian

val­ues. Re­ceiv­ing ed­u­ca­tion

with­out ethics and morals

makes chil­dren ma­chines

that fol­low a cer­tain

com­mand with­out know­ing

ex­actly where they are

headed for.

Stu­dents place their

teach­ers on a high pedestal.

Teach­ers there­fore must

be able to influence their

dis­ci­ples and gen­er­ate a

healthy en­vi­ron­ment which

as­sist chil­dren in bring­ing

out their true po­ten­tials.

Stu­dents should be free to

ex­press their views with­out

fear in the class. Ev­ery child

has com­pe­tence and it is the

in­nate duty of teach­ers to

bring out his la­tent ap­ti­tude

and strive to mould them

into hu­man be­ings who

are an epit­ome of good­ness.

Our rural ar­eas are still

reel­ing un­der the evils like

su­per­sti­tions, il­lit­er­acy and

ig­no­rance. These vices have

taken In­dia back­wards. And

to pull In­dia back from this

cover of dark­ness, teach­ers

have to work self­lessly and

tire­lessly. Thus teach­ers

have a mam­moth role in

shap­ing their na­tion.

Vedic val­ues make

good hu­man be­ings.

Rishi Dayanand said, “To

be­come a good hu­man

be­ing you should have

the abil­ity to stick to the

val­ues of hon­esty and

truth­ful­ness and service

to the mankind”.

You teach­ers are al­ready

do­ing a good work, but

there is al­ways a scope to

do bet­ter.


Sr.Vice-Pres­i­dent, DAV Trust,

New Delhi to all DAV teach­ers

on Teach­ers’ Day 2015

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