Mea­sures to de­con­gest Dur­gadi bridge

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THANE: The traf­fic con­ges­tion on the Dur­gadi bridge may show some sign of relief in the com­ing days, said the new Thane traf­fic com­mis­sioner.

The traf­fic depart­ment claims to have ini­ti­ated mea­sures to de­con­gest the junc­tions in the city. Dur­gadi is one of them.

Hin­dus­tan Times had high­lighted the traf­fic prob­lems on Dur­gadi bridge in mon­soon. The traf­fic on the bridge stretches up to 2 kms on both the sides of the two-lane bridge that con­nects Kalyan to Mum­bai-Nashik High­way.

San­deep Palave, deputy com­mis­sioner of po­lice, traf­fic, said, “The two-lane bridge has no di­vider and ve­hi­cles en­ter any lane dur­ing a jam, wors­en­ing the sit­u­a­tion. We will re­quest the au­thor­ity to con­struct a di­vider be­tween the two lanes.”

The depart­ment will also pro­vide walkie talkies to the traf­fic cops man­ning the bridge.

“We have asked the traf­fic cops at the junc­tions not to make any lane wait for more than two min­utes. We have re­alised that in case of a heavy jam, the traf­fic cops try to leave one lane for over 15 min­utes to de­con­gest it. Mo­torists do not want to be stuck at one point for 15 min­utes. The cops will have to co­or­di­nate on their walkie talkie and leave a dif­fer­ent lane.”

Palave said they are study­ing the traf­fic move­ment on the bridge to im­ple­ment ad­di­tional traf­fic reg­u­la­tory mea­sures.

The depart­ment will also be de­con­gest­ing the Kalwa Naka, Ko­pri and Ma­ji­wada junc­tions. Apart from reg­u­lat­ing traf­fic the depart­ment has also started re­claim­ing the roads at the junc­tion. “We have re­quested the civic au­thor­ity to re­move de­bris from the cor­ner of the roads along Kalwa and Ma­ji­wada junc­tions so that one more lane can be free for traf­fic. We have also tar­geted il­le­gal park­ing at the junc­tions to give more space for ve­hi­cles,” Palave said.


Th two-lane bridge that con­nects Kalyan to Mum­bai-Nashik High­way.

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