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US pres­i­dent Barack Obama’s de­ter­mi­na­tion to wipe out ISIS is laud­able (US will de­stroy Is­lamic State, says Obama, Fe­bru­ary 28). How­ever, it seems strange that de­spite all their might along with other na­tions, US have been strug­gling to neu­tralise ISIS. What is strange is that US is gift­ing F-16 fight­ers to Pak to fight ISIS when they them­selves are in league with ter­ror out­fits like LET, ISIS, JEM? It is ridicu­lous for US sec­re­tary of state John Kerry to keep harp­ing on arms bal­ance in the re­gion in­stead of fight­ing ter­ror­ists di­rectly. now to hitch them­selves to the reser­va­tion band­wagon (Caste in a new mould, Fe­bru­ary 28). Per­haps, it’s only in India that peo­ple, even if they are rich and in­flu­en­tial, feel happy and elated to be called back­ward. The pan­demic is bound to catch up with the re­main­ing un­re­served de­nom­i­na­tions of castes and com­mu­ni­ties grad­u­ally The only op­tion left for the gov­ern­ment, in such a sit­u­a­tion, would be to ex­tend the Reser­va­tion for all In­di­ans and call the na­tion Repub­lic of India (Re­served) so that every­one en­joys the ben­e­fits of Reser­va­tion. Gov­ern­ment Rail­way Po­lice to cre­ate aware­ness among the com­muters to take care while trav­el­ling in sub­ur­ban trains seem to go in vain with the lat­est tragedy that oc­curred at Gore­gaon sta­tion (Stu­dent hang­ing out of lo­cal train dies af­ter hit­ting pole, Fe­bru­ary 28). The reck­less­ness and grow­ing ten­dency among the youth to pulling off stunts while trav It is very sad to read the tragic end of a stu­dent who was hang­ing out of a lo­cal train. It is more se­ri­ous to know that this stu­dent first leaned out of the train to hit a per­son on plat­form and in­evitably hit a pole. The reg­u­lar com­muters of lo­cal trains are aware of stu­dents’ un­ruly be­hav­iour in lo­cal trains who are very rude to peo­ple who try to talk to them. It is the duty of par­ents and school, col­lege au­thor­i­ties to en­lighten stu­dents about the dan­gers in­volved in all these tricks.

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