Time to crack the whip on peo­ple

From Huskies to en­dan­gered tur­tles, Mum­bai­ites are adopt­ing pets that don’t be­long in the city. What’s your take on pets as ac­ces­sories? What’s the strangest pet you’ve en­coun­tered in the city?

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It will be a log­i­cal de­ci­sion from the gov­ern­ment if rare and ex­otic pets are banned in the city, as the cli­mate, lack of space and nec­es­sary knowl­edge of how to breed them may en­dan­ger their lives. But it can also lead peo­ple to in­breed­ing, smug­gling and other il­le­gal means to ac­quire them.

All pets, es­pe­cially the rare and ex­otic ones, must be mi­crochipped to pre­vent them from be­ing poached from the wild and the treat­ment of all pets should be done by trained vet­eri­nar­i­ans.

I have seen many ex­otic pets in the city like hairy Dachshund dogs, mini poo­dles, a white crow, a fresh­wa­ter dol­phin fish, a white male Si­amese fight­ing fish, squir­rels etc.

Very few of the own­ers had the nec­es­sary knowl­edge of how to take care of them. There should be in­sti­tu­tions or or­gan­i­sa­tions in the city where pet own­ers can get train­ing cour­ses in pet care.

But there are some mea­sures which the city mu­nic­i­pal au­thor­ity can take on be­half of pets that are not used to this hot and hu­mid cli­mate .

Wa­ter sprayers can be in­stalled on high poles along the side of the roads that can cool them down when the sun is scorch­ing. have been re­ported where pet dogs are kept in small flats.

Ev­ery­one has a right to own pets pro­vided there is am­ple space for them to roam and hy­giene is mon­i­tored and main­tained.

Many peo­ple buy ex­otic birds like cock­a­toos, coloured spar­rows, par­rots from the mar­kets in cen­tral Mum­bai, but rarely have the time to care for them prop­erly.

To me, it’s in­hu­man if you keep birds in a cage or force a big dog to sur­vive in a cramped space. They are liv­ing an­i­mals, not toys, and need to be treated as such. times pet an­i­mals are sub­jected to cru­elty be­cause they can­not de­fend them­selves.

I have seen in many houses tur­tles be­ing kept in a small pond and small chil­dren teas­ing them. One of my friends kept rare spar­rows in his house and had no idea about how to take care of them and even­tu­ally some of them died of de­hy­dra­tion and heat.

To pre­vent an­i­mal cru­elty, the gov­ern­ment must frame some com­pre­hen­sive dos and don’ts for keep­ing pets.

It should clearly lay down rules and also cat­e­gor­i­cally men­tion which an­i­mals can le­gally be kept as pets.


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