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For 35 years, well­ness guru Mickey Me­hta (right) has been ac­tively pro­mot­ing the ben­e­fits of stay­ing ac­tive. Here, he tells us what in­spires him to adopt a dif­fer­ent ap­proach to heal­ing, and why suc­cess in any given field “must be sec­ondary”. My pas­sion for life and my keen in­ter­est in the evo­lu­tion of mankind made me fo­cus more on holis­tic health. Ev­ery­body works to­wards their suc­cess, but our fo­cus should be on the evo­lu­tion of our strength. Suc­cess must be sec­ondary. For this, self-dis­ci­plined love for your­self is very im­por­tant. There should be love, re­gard and re­spect for oth­ers, the en­vi­ron­ment and an­i­mals. Well­ness is all about Fit­ness is a word cre­ated by the west. It is a shal­low word. Health is a deeper word. It means or­ganic well­ness. Health is heal­ing, and heal­ing is sacro­sanct. Which is why my gyms are called tem­ples. We ex­er­cise and work out with­out shoes. Th­ese work­outs ad­dress the en­tire body, the mind and the soul. We have a pro­gramme called Yo work­outs — So-yo, Stretch-yo, Ab-yo, Card-yo, Strength-yo, Cross-yo and Cool-yo. Th­ese Yo work­outs are all en­com­pass­ing. They are like ther­apy, but they give you five times bet­ter re­sults than a reg­u­lar gym. This in­spi­ra­tion comes from within. It is about heal­ing the world, not just In­dia. I want to start a well­ness cul­ture, which can be spread across the world. Ev­ery­body can ex­er­cise at home, in the shower, on the bed or the sofa. You don’t need to go to a gym. You can go to a park or a beach. If you serve your­self well, you can serve the world well or bet­ter. We must be­come heal­ers as hu­man be­ings. So, sleep ev­ery night with a wish to heal your­self and wake up ev­ery morn­ing with a prom­ise to heal the world. Of course, my new mantra is ‘Feel-Loss-of-Eyes’, which means shut your mind and open up your heart. Well­ness be­longs to the whole body and is not di­vided in parts.

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