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Just be­fore the trailer launch of Irrfan’s film Madaari last year, his son Ayan wrote the in­vite for the me­dia. Irrfan says proudly, “It was my mar­ket­ing team’s idea. We wrote some­thing for him. But Ayan scrapped the en­tire con­tent, and re-wrote the let­ter him­self. To­day’s kids know their minds.”

Do Irrfan’s kids want to fol­low in their fa­ther’s foot­steps? He says, “They can be ac­tors. Or they can choose whichever ca­reer they want. But to­day’s kids ei­ther want to be a rock star like Justin Bieber (sic) or they want to be star foot­ballers. You see, chil­dren to­day are ex­posed to in­ter­na­tional artists... and have a kind of cos­mopoli­tanism in their at­ti­tude — this is very hard for a par­ent to un­der­stand, or con­trol.”

Bring­ing up his two sons Ba­bil and Ayan with the cor­rect val­ues is the tough­est chal­lenge, he says. “How do we de­fine what is cor­rect for our chil­dren? Moral­ity has trans­formed be­yond recog­ni­tion from the time we were grow­ing up. The best I can do is to let them know what I feel is right. The rest is up to them.”


Irrfan and his son Ba­bil

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