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Do you know? You are my first real love, and my first real heart­break. I know now that you don’t need clo­sure and you don’t need an ex­pla­na­tion be­cause your si­lence has given me the only an­swer you ever needed to fi­nally move on. I know now that you never re­ally loved me. I am sorry please for­give me..!! Only Urs

don’t worry even if u leave me I would do no harm to u be happy nd al­ways keep smil­ing Jan­path sub­way, Con­naught Place Oc­to­ber 15 10am to 7pm Daya’s char­ac­ter has been sketched care­fully, not for a mo­ment al­low­ing the reader to no­tice even a flicker of good­ness in him, right till the very end. What might in­ter­est you is that Bol­ly­wood might get its own Tem­per re­make, with ac­tor Ran­veer Singh ru­moured to be in it! Tem­per

Vakkan­tham Vamsi Blooms­bury `299

I have re­alised how im­por­tant you are to me. How much you have ever loved and cared for me. I was stupid to not bother about your love but it now I have re­alised it, I am sorry. I love you. so much. I love you so so

Didi loves you. You are the only one in my life that I cared so much. i just want to tell you that you are my favourite. God bless you with all the love and care.

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What could be a bet­ter way to share your food than when a lit­tle squir­rel comes ask­ing for some grub? This is a sweet mo­ment at Qu­tub Mi­nar.

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