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Hey A, Thank you so much for be­ing in my life. I love you to the moon and back. Please don’t ever leave me.

Your Bee Dear Boy, You’d never be able to truly un­der­stand me. I thought there was a con­nec­tion. Un­for­tu­nately, it didn’t bloom. Yours Truly Piya, Tera mu­jhse hain pehle ka nata koi, yuh hi nahin dil lub­hata koi. Jaane tu ya jaane na. Maane tu ya maane nah. Ab­hay Hi Pawan, Please be mine. My Birth­day is com­ing. Hope u re­mem­ber. Hope you are mak­ing amaz­ing plans. A

Hey G, Wish you a very Happy Birth­day in ad­vance. May you achieve ev­ery­thing that you wish for. God Bless you with good health.

Yours Mady Dear Pam, I miss the time we spent to­gether. We had the best mem­o­ries in the years gone by. Why did have those misun­der­stand­ings?

Your love Hi Bhaiya, I can’t wait for you to come from your trip. Hope you had a won­der­fully time. There is a sur­prise wait­ing for you. Your Sis

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