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Crys­tals emit fre­quen­cies that aid var­i­ous aspects of our lives

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The word crys­tal comes from the Greek word krys­tal­los, mean­ing frozen light. Crys­tals have been used over the cen­turies for myr­iad pur­poses — from heal­ing to pro­tec­tion to dec­o­ra­tion.

Crys­tals are nor­mally used as jew­ellery, for emo­tional heal­ing, to gen­er­ate en­ergy, to ac­ti­vate a space and to heal ones chakras. Crys­tals are par­tic­u­larly good at help­ing us adapt to changes in en­ergy vibes cre­ated by emo­tional and psy­cho­log­i­cal im­bal­ances in our environment or even the ones we cre­ate for our­selves.

Nat­u­ral crys­tals grown from earth are pow­er­ful and have strong earth en­ergy and are po­tent en­er­gis­ers of the earth el­e­ment. The en­ergy em­a­nat­ing out of crys­tals is clear and in­te­grates with hu­man aura, and this is their its con­tri­bu­tion to feng shui. Crys­tals are used in feng shui in a va­ri­ety of ways, all with one sin­gle goal — to cre­ate good feng shui en­ergy in your home.

They pro­vide pos­i­tive en­ergy while keep­ing away neg­a­tive en­er­gies, which could cause dis­ease and suf­fer­ing. They are re­spon­si­ble for peace, pro­tec­tion, eco­nomic sta­bil­ity and hap­pi­ness.

In feng shui, crys­tals are widely used for a spe­cific en­ergy, or the vibrations they bring to your home or of­fice. For ex­am­ple, the rose quartz crys­tal is used to at­tract love and ro­mance, as well as heal a bro­ken heart.

Tips for feng shui use of crys­tals:

Two rose quartz hearts are of­ten placed in the south­west feng shui area of the home to pro­mote happy en­er­gies in a love re­la­tion­ship. Of­ten a full bowl of rose quartz crys­tals is placed in the bed­room or bath­room as a feng shui love cure.

Tum­bled hematite is of­ten used in feng shui for its ground­ing and cen­ter­ing en­ergy, as well as for its pro­tec­tive qual­i­ties.

If your child has trou­ble fo­cus­ing/ con­cen­trat­ing and tends to eas­ily get overex­cited, sev­eral pieces of hematite will help with a ground­ing qual­ity of en­ergy. You can place it ei­ther in your child’s room, or in the west feng shui area of your home.

An­other feng shui use of hematite is by the front door to ben­e­fit from its pro­tec­tive qual­i­ties. You can place sev­eral tum­bled he­matites ei­ther out­side or in­side your front door in a vis­ually pleas­ing way.

The ca­reer area is as­so­ci­ated with black, but aqua­ma­rine or water-coloured crys­tals would be nice too, as the el­e­ment of ca­reer is water.

The help­ful-peo­ple area could be en­hanced by plac­ing a smoky quartz crys­tal in that area.

The wealth area is pur­ple, so a nice crys­tal could be amethyst.

The health area in the cen­ter ben­e­fits from a gold citrine crys­tal.

Some of the most pow­er­ful crys­tals are di­a­monds and jade. These crys­tals can be worn on the body as well. Jade crys­tals come in many colours and are con­sid­ered very aus­pi­cious. Use crys­tals of­ten in feng shui ad­just­ments and en­hance­ments.

Crys­tals should be cleansed reg­u­larly, as well as treated in a re­spect­ful and lov­ing man­ner.

When pur­chas­ing crys­tals for feng shui pur­poses, be sure to ask if the crys­tals have not been ra­di­ated or coloured.

To­day, with the ad­vance­ment of tech­nol­ogy, ruby crys­tals, nat­u­ral and man­made, are used in lasers for mi­cro­scopic surgery. Quartz crys­tals are used in ul­tra­sound de­vices, watches, as well as mem­ory chips in com­put­ers.

En­hance your home’s en­er­gies with nat­u­ral crys­tals. Af­ter all, you and your fam­ily will be the ones to ben­e­fit from their heal­ing en­er­gies.


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