Paints go SMART this year

Top brands are fun­gus-re­sis­tant, sans odour, pre­vent flame spread and wash­able

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Plan­ning to give a fresh coat of paint to your house this Di­wali? Try a range of healthy paints that are odour­less and con­tain low VOCs (volatile or­ganic com­pounds). These paints come with new-gen­er­a­tion green ad­di­tives and help main­tain good in­door air qual­ity.

Ban­ish ir­ri­ta­tion

Kan­sai Nero­lac has launched Nero­lac Im­pres­sions Eco Clean. This is a low VOC paint de­void of the pun­gent odour that paints are oth­er­wise as­so­ci­ated with. These paints are wash­able and stain re­sis­tant and help in re­duc­ing eye and res­pi­ra­tory ir­ri­ta­tion and can be used for in­te­ri­ors. Prices for this brand are around R444 per litre

Jo­tun’s Feno­mas­tic Gold is a pre­mium luxury emul­sion in the dec­o­ra­tive seg­ment, spe­cially de­signed for ap­pli­ca­tion on in­ter­nal sur­faces. This prod­uct is 100% acrylic based emul­sion paint with an ad­vanced hair­line crack tol­er­ance for­mula, that helps cre­ate a high-class fin­ish. It con­tains spe­cial anti-fun­gus ad­di­tives in wet film that help re­sist fun­gal and bac­te­rial growth on in­te­rior walls. The prod­uct is also flame spread cer­ti­fied. It is lab tested as hav­ing a stretch bridg­ing ca­pa­bil­ity of 1 mm. It is also easy to main­tain since smudges and stains can be eas­ily cleaned. The prod­uct is avail­able in bril­liant white and in over 16,000 colours. Prices? R15 per sq ft.

Silken op­tion

Berger Paints has launched a prod­uct called silk which is com­prises a fine-par­ti­cle acrylic emul­sion and com­pat­i­ble ex­te­rior pig­ments, with paint dis­per­sion, flow and other char­ac­ter­is­tics bal­anced with sev­eral sta­teof-the-art ad­di­tives, and for­ti­fied with a spe­cial broad spec­trum non-toxic and en­vi­ron­ment-safe fungi­cide and bio­cide. This prod­uct has high scrub-re­sis­tance, and can be reg­u­larly washed with wa­ter or a non­de­ter­gent soap. Ev­ery­thing comes packed in con­tain­ers priced at R450 to R500 per litre


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