An in­vi­ta­tion to luck and hap­pi­ness

Be­fore mov­ing into a new house this fes­tive sea­son, make sure all your rooms are vaastu-com­pli­ant

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This Navra­tra, many of you could be re­al­is­ing your dream of mov­ing into your new home and do­ing it up taste­fully. Some of you must have al­ready planned dates for the gri­hapravesh (spe­cial prayers for your new home).

How­ever, how can you make sure that liv­ing in a new home will mean more hap­pi­ness and pros­per­ity for you? Will you con­tinue to make progress at work? Will you at­tract Lady Luck? Here’s how you get your an­swers.

Make sure your home is built as per vaastu norms. If the build­ing is not vaas­tu­com­pli­ant it cre­ates neg­a­tiv­ity and takes away pros­per­ity and hap­pi­ness from your life.

To en­sure that the new house has pos­i­tive en­er­gies, three im­por­tant fac­tors should be eval­u­ated in its lay­out plan­ning (or the pro­posed lay­out plan of a build­ing for which you are go­ing to se­lect the land).

The en­trance

The en­trance has its own pow­er­ful en­er­gies. Ac­cord­ing to the Maha Vaastu con­cept, there are 32 pos­si­ble lo­ca­tions of an en­trance to a build­ing and each cor­re­sponds to or is re­lated di­rectly with ad­verse or ben­e­fi­cial sit­u­a­tions be­ing faced by the in­hab­i­tants.

A south-west en­trance means debt, poverty and re­la­tion­ship prob­lems. Money due to you is not re­ceived on time. An en­trance in the north brings money and suc­cess in one’s ca­reer. If, how­ever, the en­trance to the new house (or of the plot) is not in the vaastu-rec­om­mended di­rec­tion, do not drop the idea of buy­ing it as Maha Vaastu has easy so­lu­tions to counter the neg­a­tive ef­fects of a ‘wrong’ en­trance.

A ‘favourable’ location

The sec­ond thing to check is whether you can get vaas­tu­com­pli­ant plan­ning for all the rooms in your house. Rooms have to be lo­cated in the cor­rect spots. If you have a bed­room in be­tween east and south-east, which as per Maha Vaastu is the zone of anx­i­ety, you will not be able to re­lax and have fre­quent dis­agree­ments with your spouse. Like­wise, a toi­let be­tween the north and north-east di­rec­tions will weaken your im­mu­nity and you will fall ill of­ten. A toi­let in the north will be neg­a­tive for your ca­reer and in­come.

So, avoid buy­ing an apart­ment with such a lay­out. How­ever, if you have made your de­ci­sion, then it is bet­ter to take an ex­pert’s ad­vice on how to cor­rect the vaastu de­fects.

Ide­ally, bed­rooms should be lo­cated in the south, west and east parts of the house. How­ever, to choose the di­rec­tion that ben­e­fits you the most, take into ac­count your pro­fes­sion and ask a vaastu ex­pert for help. Sim­i­larly, toi­lets should ide­ally be in the south, south-west, east and south-east zones.

Bal­ance the five el­e­ments

The third check­point is to an­a­lyse the bal­ance of the five el­e­ments — wa­ter, air, fire, earth and space. Each of the 16 vaastu zones in a build­ing is dom­i­nated by one of these five el­e­ments. You should see if all of these el­e­ments are finely bal­anced in their re­spec­tive zones. For ex­am­ple, the fire el­e­ment is rep­re­sented by the kitchen, which, if in the north (di­rec­tion of wa­ter), will ham­per new op­por­tu­ni­ties in ca­reer and cash in­flow. Sim­i­larly, wa­ter bor­ing in the south-west will stop ca­reer growth and cre­ate se­vere clashes in the fam­ily.

Prac­ti­cally, you have to check the di­rec­tions of wa­ter tanks, gar­den, kitchen, open area, slopes, pits, rain­wa­ter drainage, sewer, ser­vice lane, ad­join­ing prop­erty, wa­ter bor­ing of neigh­bours, high/low land­scape, build­ing height, shafts, and bal­conies. While se­lect­ing a plot or bun­ga­low, check if there is any road lead­ing to the house from the north to east. That will be good for your home

Ide­ally, all the five el­e­ments should be placed in their re­spec­tive di­rec­tions — wa­ter in north, air in east, fire in south, earth in south-west and space in west. Though in mod­ern ar­chi­tec­ture, an ideal sit­u­a­tion is a re­mote pos­si­bil­ity, now you need not worry. You can buy the prop­erty and cre­ate the bal­ance with the help of colours, shapes, lights and met­als. You can your­self learn to use them as vaastu reme­dies or seek an ex­pert’s ad­vice.

In the ab­sence of right guid­ance and knowl­edge, peo­ple opt out of a good prop­erty deal and make wrong choices. Vaastu shas­tra has not only pro­vided guide­lines for bet­ter liv­ing but has also given easy al­ter­na­tives as reme­dies for im­bal­ances. You do not have to de­con­struct or de­mol­ish, but ap­ply sim­ple Maha Vaastu log­ics and rea­son­ing.

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