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ex­piry of this du­ra­tion. On the other hand, if the par­ties have not pro­vided the du­ra­tion of lease in the lease deed, such a ten­ancy will amount to be­ing a month-to-month ten­ancy ar­range­ment. In this case, the lessor has the right to ter­mi­nate the lease at any time, af­ter giving a ter­mi­na­tion no­tice to the lessee in ad­vance.

Per­mis­si­ble us­age: A lease deed spec­i­fies the pur­pose for which the premises will be used. Such us­age should be in ac­cor­dance with the per­mis­si­ble us­age of the premises un­der the ap­pli­ca­ble laws (for ex­am­ple, res­i­den­tial, re­tail, of­fice, clinic, etc) and be sub­ject to other terms and con­di­tions of us­age pro­vided in the lease deed.

Rent: The rent amount of­ten leads to dis­putes too. The amount fixed should be just and ad­e­quate, keep­ing in mind fac­tors such as location, type of con­struc­tion, civic

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