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The liv­ing room in one’s house is where the fam­ily and guests get to­gether, in­ter­act and con­nect. Hence, it’s im­por­tant for this area to be warm and invit­ing. Im­proper tones and wrong colours can make it an un­com­fort­able space that emits neg­a­tive vi­bra­tions. A fresh coat of paint in a feng shui com­pat­i­ble colour can make a huge dif­fer­ence to your space and re­la­tion­ships. So, fol­low these ef­fec­tive feng shui tips and see the change.

first rule to keep in mind when choos­ing a colour for the liv­ing room walls is that the en­tire fam­ily should feel com­fort­able with it be­cause it is a com­mon space for ev­ery­one. Colours give off vi­bra­tions to which dif­fer­ent peo­ple re­act dif­fer­ently.

rule of thumb for colour is to tone it down two notches. The colour you choose on the swatch will not be what shows up on your walls.

beige or cream (earth colours) to bring so­lid­ity and sta­bil­ity to the house­hold. It oc­cu­pies three di­rec­tional sec­tors of the com­pass, those which gov­ern mar­i­tal and fam­ily re­la­tion­ships, fam­ily har­mony and wis­dom for chil­dren.

will bring sta­bil­ity and a sense of peace, while or­anges and yel­lows will fa­cil­i­tate open­ness and com­mu­ni­ca­tion.

is not rec­om­mended for the liv­ing room be­cause it rep­re­sents the wa­ter el­e­ment and when wa­ter cov­ers your head (from floor to ceil­ing) it sym­bol­ises drown­ing. The last thing you should ever do is paint your ceil­ing blue, navy (blue) or black.

red spar­ingly, es­pe­cially for the walls of the liv­ing room. Rep­re­sent­ing the fire el­e­ment in feng shui, this cau­tion­ary colour can sym­bol­ise your life be­ing burnt in red hot flames. Go for light or pas­tel pink in­stead, for more har­mony.

you do not want to ex­per­i­ment much, then go ‘safe’ with white. It brings the most Yang en­ergy to the house­hold be­cause white en­ergy is the equiv­a­lent of seven dif­fer­ent colours of light and gov­erns health and longevity.

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