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While paint­ing

Be­fore the first coat all the wall sur­faces should be evened us­ing a qual­ity primer/putty.

For best out­come, ap­ply two-three coats of paints, rather than one thick coat.

To add the sparkle and shine to you homes this Di­wali, you can pick any of the fol­low­ing colours: Bed­room: A tint bright fuch­sia pink with a com­bi­na­tion of dusky vi­o­let will add the warmth to a bed­room. Red brings higher level of thought, even into the realms of spir­i­tual val­ues.

Liv­ing room: The gate­way to a home is the place which cre­ates the feel of an in­stant wel­come. A lu­mi­nous orange or a right shade of yel­low can vir­tu­ally il­lu­mi­nate a hall­way.

Kitchen: Of­ten, a kitchen


Main­te­nance tips

Most wall paints are wash­able and can be pe­ri­od­i­cally cleaned with mild soap­wa­ter so­lu­tion. For dis­tem­pered walls, min­i­mum pres­sure should be ap­plied while clean­ing.

Bought a prop­erty, al­ready moved into a new home or plan­ning to go to shift to a new house this Di­wali? You must be in a joy­ous mood and all set to cel­e­brate the vic­tory of good over evil in your new house. How­ever, have you made sure that all the evil and neg­a­tive en­er­gies inside the home are elim­i­nated? Di­wali is the day when all your prayers and sim­ple reme­dies are be­lieved to work mir­a­cles. Hence, this be­comes the best day to ap­ply all vaastu prin­ci­ples and pu­rify your house to en­sure pros­per­ity, joy and hap­pi­ness.

Ap­pli­ca­tion of vaastu prin­ci­ples to be adopted specif­i­cally for Di­wali can ei­ther be learnt or ap­plied with the help of an ex­pert. As per MahaVastu Deep­awali ,2012, some of the sig­nif­i­cant tips to be kept in mind are given be­low: Di­wali is the most aus­pi­cious day to wor­ship the God­dess of wealth, Laxmi. To get the best ben­e­fits of puja on this aus­pi­cious day, make sure that your prayer room in the new house is in the west. While of­fer­ing prayers, face the west. The worst di­rec­tion to have a puja room in the house is south-south-west. An­other im­por­tant as­pect that can negate pos­i­tive ef­fects of your prayers is the pres­ence of ‘red’ colour in your prayer room. Make sure that you re­move ev­ery trace of red vis­i­ble in the room. If you plan to buy a pho­to­graph of the God­dess Laxmi, then make sure you do not place it in southsouth-west be­cause you might in­cur fi­nan­cial losses. This Di­wali, place it in the west zone of your home to evoke her bless­ings. While buy­ing paint­ings to dec­o­rate your house, try to pick a one with a green land­scape. Plac­ing such a paint­ing on the north­ern is sup­posed to at­tract money to your house. If you are buy­ing ar­ti­facts and dec­o­ra­tive items for the new house, add a pair of gal­lop­ing red horses to your shop­ping list. When placed in the south, this is sup­posed to pro­vide a steady flow of money. The horses should be placed fac­ing the north. Also in­clude an im­age of Ku­ber (the God of wealth) in your list of ar­ti­facts. Ku­ber is be­lieved to have the abil­ity to trans­late your ac­tions into riches and growth. Place the im­age on a ta­ble or a shelf on a wall in the north zone of the build­ing and see your for­tunes chang­ing pro­vided the rest of the zones of the house are bal­anced. If you have bought a new prop­erty, or are mov­ing into a new house this Di­wali, then en­sure that the build­ing is vaastu com­pli­ant. Also, make sure that the new prop­erty is lit prop­erly dur­ing and is pos­i­tively en­er­gis­ing the right zones. MahaVastu, through over 10,000 case stud­ies, have proven that lights play a sig­nif­i­cant role in in­flu­enc­ing your sub­con­scious mind. Hence, if the lights are rightly po­si­tioned, then you will al­ways have clar­ity of mind, en­hanced think­ing abil­i­ties which, of course, au­to­mat­i­cally cre­ate new op­por­tu­ni­ties, growth prospects and hap­pi­ness. Lights, says MahaVastu, have the power to awaken the dor­mant en­er­gies of 16 vaastu zones in our homes. For ex­am­ple, if you are not clear about your goals, then put a spot­light in the north-east, the zone of men­tal clar­ity and wis­dom. The spot­light en­sures that your am­bi­tion gets de­fined clearly, al­most as if it is il­lu­mi­nat­ing your goals. Lighting up the south zone with a red bulb is likely to en­sure that your pro­fes­sional ef­forts get spe­cial recog­ni­tion and peo­ple’s at­ti­tude to­wards changes pos­i­tively.


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