Liv­ing here is a real chal­lenge

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Iam 45 years old and have been re­sid­ing in Abul Fazal En­clave II (Sha­heen Bagh) for the past seven years. My home­town is district Bi­jnor in Ut­tar Pradesh.

I came to Delhi about 12 years ago look­ing for some work. I stayed in sev­eral ar­eas in Delhi but later de­cided to set­tle in Abul Fazal En­clave II.

The rea­son for choos­ing this place was avail­abil­ity of flats at a very cheap price. In 2002, I bought a flat mea­sur­ing 50 square yard for only R2 lakh. The same flat costs around R13 lakh to­day. Even rentals here are cheap and one can get a small room for just R2000 a month.

Things are much bet­ter in Abul Fazal En­clave I and this re­flects in the prop­erty prices. Real es­tate prices and rentals are com­par­a­tively high there.

I run a small shop in the area to make ends meet but life is full of chal­lenges here.

Be­ing an unau­tho­rised area, Abul Fazal En­clave II has its share of prob­lems.

Wa­ter pipes have not been laid here due to which peo­ple are de­pen­dent on ground wa­ter. The whole area is so con­gested that in case of any emergency, re­lief work will be a real chal­lenge here.

Power cuts are another big is­sue. There is not a sin­gle park in this area. So peo­ple from lower mid­dle­class fam­i­lies pre­fer to buy houses here as it suits their pocket.

I am also help­ing peo­ple whose houses were de­mol­ished by the rev­enue depart­ment of the Delhi gov­ern­ment. We are de­mand­ing re­lief for them.

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