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stair­well, en­trance lob­bies, elec­tric sub-sta­tions, pump house, guard rooms and other com­mon fa­cil­i­ties are part of the com­mon area. So it’s dif­fi­cult to de­ter­mine an in­di­vid­ual’s share in the un­di­vided com­mon area in a hous­ing pro­ject pop­u­lated by 2000 to 3000 res­i­dents.

This be­comes more com­pli­cated when a devel­oper claims that bal­conies etc, which are not part of the builtup area, have been in­cluded in the su­per area.

The other real es­tate des­ti­na­tions in Delhi NCR too share a sim­i­lar story. Take the case of Amit (name changed) who bought a 3 BHK mea­sur­ing 1625 square feet (su­per area) in 2008 in a prom­i­nent group hous­ing pro­ject in Noida. The to­tal area of the same flat was shown as 1297 sq ft in the lay­out plan of the pro­ject ap­proved by the Noida Au­thor­ity.

When all the flats were con­structed, the Au­thor­ity al­lowed the devel­oper to in­crease the FAR (floor area ra­tio) from 1.5 to 2. It means that the devel­oper can add more floors to the tow­ers or can cover more land for con­struc­tion but sur­pris- in­gly in the new lay­out plan sub­mit­ted to the Au­thor­ity, Amit’s 3 BHK flat, which was al­ready con­structed be­fore avail­ing in­creased FAR by the devel­oper, was ex­panded to 1326 sq ft.

That’s not all, when he got his flat reg­is­tered in 2013, the sub-lease deed showed the cov­ered area as 1186 sq ft and com­mon area 439 sq ft - to­tal­ing 1625 sq ft. “I don’t have the ex­act spec­i­fi­ca­tions of my flat - or if ot cov­ers 1297 sq ft, 1326 sq ft, 1186 sq ft or 1625 sq ft. All I know is that I have paid for 1625 sq ft,” he says.

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