IN­TER­VIEW | Di­wali gift: Indi­ra­pu­ram to get state-of-the-art group hous­ing project

San­tosh Ku­mar Ya­dav, vice chair­man, Ghazi­abad De­vel­op­ment Au­thor­ity, talks to Van­dana Ram­nani about plans to de­velop new res­i­den­tial growth cor­ri­dors in Koyal En­clave, Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion and Indi­ra­pu­ram

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Af­ter Vaishali, Va­sund­hara, Indi­ra­pu­ram and Cross­ings Repub­lik, is the Ghazi­abad De­vel­op­ment Au­thor­ity (GDA) plan­ning to in­tro­duce new res­i­den­tial growth cor­ri­dors along NH 24 and in Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion? Th­ese are all sat­u­rated por­tions. There is a 600-acre land bank with Awas Vikas across CISF head­quar­ters. This is vir­gin land lo­cated in an area called Sid­dharth Vi­har and is as big as Vaishali. The di­rec­tion of res­i­den­tial growth in Ghazi­abad will now change. We are now con­struct­ing a new ring road, also to be called north­ern pe­riph­eral road. This will start from NH24 near Dasna toll, move to­wards NH58, con­nect the Pipe­line Road, Hin­don Air Force sta­tion and cul­mi­nate at Delhi’s Wazirabad Bridge. This is a six-lane ring road sanc­tioned un­der the PPP mode, 13 ma­jor bid­ders from the coun­try are bid­ding for this project, in­clud­ing one from Mum­bai and one in­ter­na­tional bid­der from Oman. At least R200 crore is be­ing spent on land acquisition. In this case, land is be­ing bought by Ghazi­abad De­vel­op­ment Au­thor­ity and the con­struc­tion of the road will cost at least R500 crore. This means that from then on any­body can en­ter Delhi and cross over this stretch in just about 25 min­utes. This stretch will be on an em­bank­ment and not on the ground like NH24. Tell us about your plans for the Hin­don el­e­vated road. The newly-de­vel­oped ar­eas of Ghazi­abad such as Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion and pro­pos­als for new ar­eas east of Ghazi­abad with world-class in­fra­struc­ture to com­pete with nearby cities has been ham­pered due to in­ac­ces­si­bil­ity of this area with Delhi. The enor­mous traf­fic on ex­ist­ing high­ways is caus­ing con­ges­tion in the city through­out the day, es­pe­cially dur­ing peak hours. An ur­gent need has been felt for a new four-lane ac­cess-con­trolled el­e­vated road for free flow of traf­fic and also for in­ter­nal con­nec­tiv­ity be­tween eastern ar­eas of Ghazi­abad with west Ghazi­abad and Delhi. This will be called the Hin­don el­e­vated road. It will start from NH24 and ter­mi­nate at a Mas­ter Plan road con­nect­ing NH58 with Loni at zone 1 of the Ghazi­abad Mas­ter Plan 2021 along the Hin­don river. Part of this road in Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion area will be a sur­face road with con­trolled ac­cess. The project is a green field one and its ap­prox­i­mate length will be 10 km. This will pass through UP Gate, Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion, Hin­don Canal through Vaishali and Indi­ra­pu­ram and Hin­don Canal green verge. Pil­lars will be erected till Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion. This will be an el­e­vated road like the Bara­pul­lah Road in Delhi and will be built at a cost of R1000 crore. This will be of six lanes. The idea is to reach Delhi as fast as pos­si­ble. There will be one exit to Vaishali and one in Indi­ra­pu­ram be­cause I ex­pect a lot of peo­ple from th­ese ar­eas to use this road. The growth en­gine of Ghazi­abad will now shift to ar­eas along th­ese new cor­ri­dors. What are the new res­i­den­tial growth ar­eas that will emerge along th­ese new in­fra­struc­ture ini­tia­tives? We are plan­ning a deeper ex­ten­sion into Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion. Be­sides, we also have a 100-acre land par­cel just next to Delhi. There was an on­go­ing dis­pute over this land with farmers since 1991. While the Supreme Court gave its ver­dict against Greater Noida Au­thor­ity, the judg­ment went in our favour in case of this land par­cel. We are plan­ning at least 14 to 15 group hous­ing projects in this par­cel. GDA will sell land here through a bid­ding process. Come what may the at­trac­tion will be dis­tance from Delhi. This par­cel is in Koyal En­clave area near the Wazirabad en­try Gate in Delhi.

We also have a lot of land in the Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion area that has not yet been given to builders. GDA has about 200 acres and will bring its own group hous­ing. We are also plan­ning to con­struct a group hous­ing project in Indi­ra­pu­ram spread over 10 acres. This will be an ul­tra­mod­ern state-of-theart apart­ment project. It will be a mar­ket cor­rec­tion ex­er­cise and we will be sell­ing it at com­pet­i­tive prices. The idea is sim­i­lar to the gov­ern­ment in­tro­duc­ing its reg­u­lated priced su­gar in the mar­ket when su­gar prices hit the roof in order to cor­rect the prices. Our in­tent will be sim­i­lar. We plan to launch 1000 units in this plot around Di­wali. The plot is lo­cated across DPS Indirpu­ram, be­hind the De­vansh Pratham project.

In Ra­j­na­gar Ex­ten­sion, where GDA holds over 200 acres, it will con­struct its own group hous­ing and also sell some parts to pri­vate de­vel­op­ers through a bid­ding process. GDA has about 1370 acres near Govin­d­pu­ram and Sadarpur. Of this, about 760 acres is with GDA and it has paid com­pen­sa­tion to farmers for the re­main­ing 600 odd acres. The mat­ter, how­ever, is pend­ing be­fore the Supreme Court for a fi­nal hear­ing. GDA is work­ing on a group hous­ing project here called the Mad­huban Ba­pud­ham scheme. What about plans to widen NH24? NH24 widen­ing has in prin­ci­ple been sanc­tioned by the gov­ern­ment of In­dia. It will be widened from a four-lane to a six-lane road with 10 un­der­passes from UP Gate to Dasna. The big un­der­passes will en­sure that cross mi­gra­tion does not oc­cur on the main road and costs are es­ti­mated to be around R160 crore.

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