Bring har­mony into your life

If you are ruled by wood, fire, wa­ter, earth or metal, bal­ance your life and kar­mas through the prin­ci­ples of feng shui

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The five feng shui el­e­ments are wood, fire, wa­ter, earth and metal. Each of the el­e­ments is associated with a colour and shape. The el­e­ments are con­trolled by de­struc­tive and pro­duc­tive cy­cles. For ex­am­ple, wa­ter nour­ishes wood, wood then turns into fire which pro­duces earth which in turn pro­duces metal. It is a con­tin­u­ous cy­cle where in each el­e­ment ben­e­fits from the other - cre­at­ing a con­stant flow of har­mony. This is the pro­duc­tive cy­cle of the five el­e­ments.

The de­struc­tive cy­cle of the el­e­ments hap­pens when wood weak­ens earth, earth ab­sorbs wa­ter, wa­ter puts out fire and fire melts metal - which in turn chops wood.

Bal­ance is the key in feng shui and it is only when har­mony is con­sciously main­tained be­tween the el­e­ments that we can ac­tively ben­e­fit from feng shui.

The five el­e­ments are also associated with colours, sea­sons, di­rec­tions and plan­ets. For ex­am­ple, fire is red and is con­sid­ered an aus­pi­cious colour. It de­notes sum­mer and the south di­rec­tion. The other colours that de­note fire are orange and fiery yel­low.

Wa­ter is rep­re­sented by the colour black/blue. It de­notes win­ter and the north di­rec­tion.

The di­rec­tion for wood is the east and is rep­re­sented by the colours brown and green. Metal is white/gold sym­bol­is­ing the west di­rec­tion. Earth is rep­re­sented by sandy yel­low and earthy browns.

While con­sid­er­ing the feng shui of of­fice lo­ca­tions, and home in­te­ri­ors, un­der­stand­ing the de­struc­tive and pro­duc­tive cy­cles of the el­e­ments in re­la­tion to the Chi­nese astro­log­i­cal sign en­ables us to bring out the best in our sur­round­ings.

For in­stance, if one is born in the earth year, then hav­ing too much wood el­e­ment (plants) in the house would not be lucky. On the other hand hav­ing red ob­jects like lights, can­dles (fire) would be very con- ducive as fire pro­duces earth.

Sim­i­larly, if one is born in a fire year, then too much wa­ter in the home/of­fice would be counter-pro­duc­tive as wa­ter de­stroys fire. So peo­ple born in the fire year should try as much as pos­si­ble to avoid any­thing black, ar­ti­fi­cial wa­ter­falls, ponds etc.

Nor­mally when mem­bers of a fam­ily are born un­der dif­fer­ent el­e­ments, then the birth el­e­ment of the head of the fam­ily should be given pri­or­ity for the main rooms and en­trance. All other in­di­vid­ual rooms can be de­signed to ben­e­fit the oc­cu­pant of each room.

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