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Mas­ter Plan pro­vi­sions: Un­der MPD 2021, the na­tional cap­i­tal ter­ri­tory of Delhi is di­vided into 15 zones. Out of th­ese, A to H, P,M and K1 are in ur­ban Delhi and J, K2, L, N and P2 fall in ur­ban­is­able area or ur­ban ex­ten­sion The green belt: The doc­u­ment stip­u­lates that land up to the depth of one pe­riph­eral vil­lage rev­enue bound­ary along the border of Na­tional Cap­i­tal Ter­ri­tory (NCT) would be main­tained as green belt. New farm­houses will be al­lowed in it Zone J: One part of the farm­house pol­icy deals with reg­u­lar­is­ing the ex­ist­ing units of size 2.5 acres and above. Th­ese are in the range of ` 15-`40 crore per acre and are lo­cated in Zone J, which in­cludes Gadaipur and Jon­a­pur vil­lages Higher FAR: The sec­ond part of the farm­houses pol­icy has to do with new li­cences that will be given in the green belt un­der the LDRA. Th­ese will have a higher FAR of 20 and pur­chasable FAR of 10 and will al­low for a built-up space of 8,712 sq ft and 13,068 sq ft, re­spec­tively Zones N and L: Zone N com­prises 29 vil­lages out of which 10 are in the green belt spread over an area of 4,305 hectares. Zone L con­sists of 58 vil­lages out of which 21 are a part of the green belt, which is spread over 10,322 hectares

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