‘We need ba­sic ameni­ties’

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Ih av e b e e n liv­ing i n Pat­par­ganj for close to 30 years now, and I have seen the land­scape of the area change sig­nif­i­cantly. Ear­lier, there were few houses and a lot of empty plots. I live in an in­de­pen­dent house which was bought by my grand­fa­ther decades ago. Now, of course, there are apart­ments in the other ar­eas of Pat­par­ganj. But Pan­dav Na­gar, where I live, pre­dom­i­nantly has in­de­pen­dent houses. A lot of in­de­pen­dent houses in and around Pan­dav Na­gar have given way to flats – so, for in­stance, there may be close to 16 fam­i­lies liv­ing in one build­ing (apart­ment com­plex), while a sim­i­lar sized in­de­pen­dent house ear­lier would have prob­a­bly housed one or two fam­i­lies. The pop­u­la­tion here has in­creased over the years and this has led to a lot of con­ges­tion.

If you walk down Pan­dav Na­gar, you will find that the roads are too nar­row, and there is ab­so­lutely no green area here. The so-called parks, which are tiny en­clo­sures in the midst of crowded mar­kets and over­pop­u­lated res­i­den­tial build­ings, have all dried up and they are not main­tained. Park­ing con­tin­ues to be a ma­jor has­sle here. Be­sides, even ba­sic f acil­i­ties like sew­er­age and clean drink­ing wa­ter have not been pro­vided. In fact, the wa­ter prob­lem is much worse dur­ing sum­mer. Al­though we have ap­proached the area coun­cil­lor, not much has been done to clean up the area and make it clut­ter-free. Crime – es­pe­cially chain­snatch­ing – is on the rise too.

One ad­van­tage of Pat­par­ganj, though, is that it is eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble from any part of Delhi. I t i s well- con­nected to CP, ITO, Niza­mud­din, etc. Noida is not too far away ei­ther. Be­sides with Ak­shard­ham and the Com­mon Wealth Games Vil­lage in the vicin­ity, Pat­par­ganj has gained promi­nence. There is no Metro sta­tion here, as of now, but the ones in Ak­shard­ham and Laxmi Na­gar are close by.

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