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Codes ver­sus guide­lines: Codes are legally en­force­able but guide­lines are for de­sign­ers and are not legally en­force­able. In­dia has nei­ther a tall build­ing code nor guide­lines

En­sur­ing earth­quake pro­tec­tion: There are a num­ber of ad­vanced tech­nolo­gies avail­able in the world for pro­tect­ing build­ings from earth­quakes – shock trans­mis­sion de­vices, dampers, etc

Zero ac­count­abil­ity: The Bureau of In­dian Stan­dards codes are for gen­eral build­ings that are up to nine to 10 storeys high. While fol­low­ing an in­ter­na­tional code is fine, us­ing the ex­ist­ing build­ing code meant for 10 storeys is fun­da­men­tally wrong. Both cases of­fer zero ac­count­abil­ity

Re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of a developer: Any developer con­struct­ing a tall build­ing has to sub­mit a de­tailed plan of the pro­ject. He is also ex­pected to carry out sur­veys such as wind load, earth­quake load, en­vi­ron­ment im­pact, traf­fic im­pact etc

What is re­quired: Aware­ness and up­da­tion of codes ev­ery two to three years. Pub­lic should also be made aware that even if the code pre­scribes that the build­ing ad­heres to the low­est level, it can be de­signed to the next level

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