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I bought a 2BHK apart­ment four years ago in Gur­gaon. The prop­erty dealer who had fi­nalised my deal duped me by promis­ing me a hand­some dis­count. I trusted him and paid the book­ing amount.

Af­ter mak­ing the ini­tial pay­ment, when I asked him for the dis­count, the bro­ker in­formed me that he would not be able to pay as he hadn’t got his com­mis­sion from the de­vel­oper. Nor­mally when a bro­ker prom­ises any dis­count to a home­buyer, he al­lots some per­cent­age from his bro­ker­age which he gets from the de­vel­oper.

For in­stance, for a ₹ 45 lakh flat, a de­vel­oper usu­ally gets a 10% com­mis­sion out of which he may pass on 5% to the home­buyer. Buy­ers also find such deals prof­itable and there­fore pre­fer book­ing a unit with a bro­ker in­stead of buy­ing di­rectly from the builder. How­ever, a ma­jor­ity of bro­kers fail to ful­fil their prom­ise.

The most com­mon re­frain among bro­kers is that “since the de­vel­oper has not paid my com­mis­sion, how can I pass on the dis­count?” It is also dif­fi­cult for a home­buyer to cross­check with the de­vel­oper. Had I got the of­fer in writ­ing from the bro­ker, I would have def­i­nitely dragged him to court for mak­ing false prom­ises but since I did not, I could not do much.

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