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Can you af­ford it, are you get­ting what you paid for ac­cord­ing to the pre­vail­ing prop­erty mar­ket rates, and have you fac­tored in all the hid­den and fu­ture costs?

Is the home large enough for you now as well as your fu­ture needs?

Is it safe for you and your fam­ily, does it have the right con­ve­niences within reach, is it clean, does it have enough green space, and can you fea­si­bly travel to and from your place of work from there ev­ery day?

Will it ap­pre­ci­ate suf­fi­ciently to en­able you to sell it at some point in the fu­ture and move to another home? Is the build­ing new enough to pre­vent in­vest­ment ero­sion due to age-re­lated de­pre­ci­a­tion of the build­ing?

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