Anophe­les lar­vae breed­ing in un­der­ground park­ing

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plaints about qual­ity of con­struc­tion. Grit wash on the apart­ments has been fall­ing on passersby and cars since the last six to seven months.

“We have all paid ₹ 6.5 lakh as com­mon area main­te­nance for the 30 years which amounts to

14.5 crore for 224 flats that are cur­rently habited. Though DDA officials have come and col­lected sam­ples, noth­ing has been done in this re­gard,” res­i­dents of the com­plex say.

The sam­ples have been sent to the Na­tional Coun­cil for Ce­ment and Build­ing Ma­te­rial, Bal­lab­h­garh, and re­sults are still awaited.

The main­te­nance clause in the 2010 hous­ing scheme brochure states that the ser­vices DDA will pro­vide as part of the main­te­nance scheme in­cludes “grit wash of the build­ing ex­te­rior once in 10 years, stair­well (plas­ter and white­wash) once in three years, the paint­ing or re­pair of rail­ings (stair­case and com­mon land­ings) once in three years and the re­pair of chha­j­jas (over­hang­ing eaves) and bal­conies once in 10 years, among other things.”

Res­i­dents ask if they are ex­pected to wait for another six years for this fault to be rec­ti­fied. “What are we ex­pected to do if grit wash starts fall­ing within four years?”

A res­i­dent filed an Right to In­for­ma­tion (RTI) with the Delhi Fire Ser­vice in 2013 en­quir­ing about the sta­tus of the fire safety cer­tifi­cate for Sig­na­ture View Apart­ments and was in­formed that though the premises were in­spected by the of­fi­cers, cer­tain short­com­ings were ob­served. The width of the in­ter­nal road was less than the re­quired 06 me­tres, the width of the stair­case var­ied in all the blocks and was less than the re­quired width of 1350 mm and 1250 mm. The hose reel was not func­tional, exit signs were not pro­vided, and in­ter­nal hy­drants were not in order.

The RTI re­port con­cluded: “Keep­ing in view the above the fire safety cer­tifi­cate can­not be con­sid­ered at this stage.”

The go­ing rate for a 3BHK unit in the area is ₹ 1.8 crore and the rent is around ₹ 30,000. DDA’s ask­ing price in 2010 was ₹ 90 lakh.

The Vas­ant Kunj com­plex com­pris­ing 2,709 apart­ments was al­lot­ted to res­i­dents un­der the 2010 scheme. As an al­ter­na­tive, another site was cho­sen as these apart­ments, ini­tially meant to host vis­i­tors and tourists dur­ing the Com­mon­wealth Games held the same year, were not com­pleted on time.

Even though four years have passed, many of these apart­ments, es­pe­cially in the Ganga, and Ya­muna blocks, seem to be in the ‘work-in-progress’ stages even though pos­ses­sion has been handed over. Nar­mada and Saraswati are com­plete and many peo­ple have moved in.

Res­i­dents of the area al­lege that poor con­struc­tion ma­te­rial has been used for build­ing the struc­tures. Other prob­lems that they face in­clude il­le­gal con­struc­tion of ad­di­tional rooms and floors, ex­ten­sion of bal­conies, en­croach­ment of com­mon ar­eas etc. Un­der­ground park­ing lots that were the USP of the 2010 hous­ing draw are yet to be al­lot­ted and rain wa­ter has col­lected in the area, mak­ing it a breed­ing ground for mos­qui­toes (anophe­les lar­vae).

As one goes around t he Ya­muna com­plex, one finds de­bris from the con­struc­tion work dumped near the struc­ture and on ter­races, open man­holes, bro­ken tiles, mos­qui­toes in the un­der­ground park­ing where rain­wa­ter has col­lected and malba has been dumped. Since the boundary wall is not com­plete, peo­ple from the nearby slums get ac­cess to the com­plex. This is a big nui­sance and has led to sev­eral rob­beries within the com­plex.

“DDA had taken full pay­ment for our units but when pos­ses­sion was given in 2011, it was sim­ply im­pos­si­ble to re­side here,” says a res­i­dent who claims to have used his own funds to get the lift in his build­ing up and run­ning.

The un­der­ground park­ing is still not op­er­a­tional and is com­pletely wa­ter­logged. Fire clear­ance is still awaited. “It can ac­com­mo­date 220 cars. How these will be al­lo­cated for 475 apart­ments for each of the four blocks re­mains a mys­tert” says a res­i­dent.

DDA sources claim that work on park­ing lots is cur­rently on. Pumps have been in­stalled to siphon off the wa­ter and slots will be al­lo­cated once re­pair work is over.

Il­le­gal con­struc­tion is another is­sue. A walk through Ya­muna Block re­vealed that the fourth floor res­i­dents of the G+3 block have con­structed a fourth floor and res­i­dents of the multi-storey or G+8 floor have built rooms on the ter­race. In some MIG flats, the de­sign is such that lifts start from the third floor.

Costs have been es­ca­lat­ing. An HIG apart­ment that cost ₹ 1 crore in the scheme costs ₹ 2 crore now. An LIG that cost ₹ 35 lakh in the scheme, is now priced at ₹ 80 lakh and 2BHK units that cost around ₹ 50 lakh, now cost ₹ 1.20 crore. Rents start at ₹ 15000.

“There is wa­ter log­ging in the lift.We have paid ₹ 3.5 lakh as main­te­nance for com­mon ar­eas, and the in­ter­est would eas­ily have been ₹ 4500 per month had we kept the money in our ac­counts,” says a res­i­dent.

Another is­sue is that of the in­vestor and end- user ra­tio. Out of the 474 flats, only 100 are in­hab­ited of which 80 ten­ants and only 20 orig­i­nal al­lot­tees. In the 2014 scheme, DDA is plan­ning to in­clude a new clause that will per­mit al­lot­tees to sell the unit only af­ter five years. This will en­sure that only ac­tual users in­habit the com­plex.

Where lle­gal con­struc­tions were con­cerned, sev­eral de­mo­li­tion drives had been con­ducted and no­tices is­sued to the of­fend­ers. Po­lice had also been in­formed, DDA sources said.

In the 2010 DDA hous­ing scheme, 475 units each were al­lot­ted in Nar­mada, Saraswati, Ganga and Ya­muna com­plexes in Vas­ant Kunj.


The shak­ing ban­nis­ter with a wide un­ce­mented por­tion can be seen as the team heads to one of the ter­races.

Rain wa­ter has col­lected in the un­der­ground park­ing lots, mak­ing it a breed­ing ground for mos­qui­toes.

The go­ing rate for these Sig­na­ture Bridge fac­ing apart­ments is crore and the rent is around 30,000.


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