Slow and steady achieves suc­cess

Learn lessons from the ‘slow but steady’ tor­toise to plod your way to a fat bank ac­count

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The north bagua area of your space rep­re­sents the ca­reer and wealth as­pect of your life. In feng shui, sus­tain­ing both th­ese things re­quire sup­port and as­sis­tance, which can ma­te­ri­alise in the form of job op­por­tu­ni­ties, help­ful peo­ple and men­tors, sup­port of your peers/boss or much needed business deals etc.

Re­mem­ber Ae­sop’s fable of the tor­toise with his grit and de­ter mi­na­tion ulti mately de­feat­ing the hare? His motto is slow and steady wins the race. I f you are i n f or t he long haul for some­thing and need tena­cious sup­port to see things through, you should con­sider plac­ing a tor­toise in your home. It lends its strength and em­pow­ers you to plod over tough times.

The north area is home to the wa­ter el­e­ment, the sea­son win­ter and the black dark war­rior ie the tur­tle. Dis­play one in the north sec­tor of your of­fice (or if that’s not a pos­si­bil­ity then be­hind your chair) for suc­cess in the work­place. In Feng shui, this slow but in­tel­li­gent crea­ture brings ca­reer sta­bil­ity and strength­ens the pos­i­tive Chi in a com­pet­i­tive en­vi­ron­ment. Tor­toise en­ergy is smooth and ground­ing, which is vi­tal to pro­mo­tions and business en­deav­ours. To sup­port your ca­reer and business projects, the tur­tle must face the north.

This crea­ture from the rep­tile fam­ily pro­tects you and your fam­ily and at ev­ery step, it lit­er­ally has your ‘back’. Speak­ing of backs, ob­serve the shell of the tor­toise. In Feng shui the tor­toise on its back car­ries the LO SHU square de­pict­ing the en­tire bagua (en­ergy map) along with its hid­den se­crets and mys­ter­ies. The Chi­nese con­sider his hexagon-shaped back the roof of the uni­verse em­bed­ded with mark­ings of heaven and earth and pow­ers of the oc­cult re­sid­ing in the body of the tor­toise.

Along­side the tiger, dragon and phoenix, the tor­toise is the fourth ce­les­tial guardian of the sa­cred com­pass be­stowed with the power to pro­tect, nour­ish and sup­port your life. In Hin­duism, it is con­sid­ered an avatar of Lord Vishnu.

The tough shell, lit­er­ally, is the tor­toise’s rock which helps i t en­dure stor ms, fight ill­ness and hide from preda­tors. This crea­ture’s longevity and life span is leg­endary. It rarely dies from dis­eases and is an ex­cel­lent health cure for the south east area.

At­tract­ing in­come and gen­er­at­ing good for­tune are among the many aus­pi­cious ben­e­fits of a tor­toise. Plac­ing a metal tur­tle (the wa­ter el­e­ment) in a small plate of wa­ter in the north area of your home bodes well for your fam­ily. How­ever, make sure that only the tur­tle’s legs are dipped in the wa­ter. Do not im­merse your en­tire tur­tle in neck-deep wa­ter, which can spell trou­ble! In case your bed­room is in the north, then skip the wa­ter as it is bad feng shui for the oc­cu­pants. You can also place a small tur­tle pic­ture or fig­urine below your bed for sound sleep.

A tor­toise is also used for pro­tec­tion and good health of fam­ily mem­bers, es­pe­cially those where three gen­er­a­tions re­side within the same house. A three-tier tor­toise with one tor­toise off­spring placed over the other ( one for each gen­er­a­tion of the fam­ily) brings ‘ de­scen­dants l uck’, which en­sures the well- be­ing of all mem­bers of the house­hold. If you are plan­ning to start a fam­ily, place this tor­toise in the south east area of your home for good health of the mother and off­spring.


To sup­port your ca­reer and business projects, place a tur­tle fac­ing the north

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