Make space for fresh en­ergy in 2015

Start the New Year on a clean slate by clear­ing all your debts and fin­ish­ing long pend­ing projects

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On the last days of a year it is wise to take out time and lay a strong foun­da­tion for the com­ing year. Ac­cord­ing to feng shui, there’s a time to rest and a time to play, a time to sow and a time to har­vest. Sea­sons are cycli­cal and na­ture is in har­mony with them. An­i­mals hi­ber­nate, trees shed leaves to adapt to the highly Yin (fem­i­nine), cold and con­tract­ing win­ter en­ergy. The week ahead is for com­ple­tion, mak­ing this the time to pause, re­flect and in­tro­spect. Here’s how you can ring out the old and embrace the new with feng shui:

the year debt- free! Pay back all old debts, fin­ish pend­ing projects and tie up all loose ends, le­gal is­sues etc. A new year begets a fresh slate, and you want to start on a fresh note, don’t you?

space im­plies po­ten­tial for some­thing new to en­ter your life, an in­di­ca­tor of your hopes and ex­pec­ta­tions…. so don’t give in to the urge to fill up ev­ery nook and cor­ner of your home with ‘some­thing’!

pow­er­ful way to cleanse the neg­a­tiv­ity and static en­ergy is with aro­mather­apy. Light a scented can­dle, burn an in­cense stick or use lavender, lemon­grass oil.

are places which block en­ergy. They are like blood clots. Fill them up if they are vis­i­bly an­gu­lar, pointy and stand out.

fresh en­ergy to your home with pot­ted in­door plants and flow­ers! Flow­ers high in Yang (dy­namic mas­cu­line en­erg y) are gladiolus ( es­pe­cially red ones), chrysan­the­mums and lil­lies.

your home with can­dles, paint­ings, wall hang­ings etc or ex­per­i­ment with some arty pieces. If that’s not your style, then put a fresh coat of paint on a wall. Yel­low in the din­ing area, pinks in the bed­room, greens and blues in the wash­room, pas­tels in the liv­ing area and hall will be good choices. Chal­leng­ing ar­eas: In 2015, strive to keep the south­east Bagua area of your space sta­ble - ie con­trol the noise lev­els and do not con­stantly ren­o­vate/ re­dec­o­rate. Strate­gi­cally hang a metal wind chime in the west bagua area of your space to counter the chal­leng­ing sha chi.

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