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Prove you’re the boss and at­tract a hefty salary by fol­low­ing th­ese feng shui tips to set up a power-charged work­sta­tion

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We could be work­ing as prop­erty bro­kers, HR man­agers, IT ex­ec­u­tives, busi­ness­peo­ple, but all of us would have some­thing in com­mon - our work­sta­tions or sim­ply put - our desks. Since it is the place from where we brain­storm, fin­ish pend­ing projects and spend large por­tions of our day be­ing pro­duc­tive, it is cru­cial for the desk to have a sup­port­ive and nour­ish­ing Chi. This pro­pels us to achieve our goals faster.

Our desks re­flect our men­tal state. Don’t be­lieve me? Here’s an ex­per­i­ment: the next time your ta­ble is messy and dis­or­gan­ised, spend a few min­utes ven in th­ese times of grad­ual re­vival, many de­vel­op­ers con­tinue to bat­tle the prob­lems of cur­tailed liq­uid­ity. Those with large land hold­ings are not able to launch projects on th­ese land parcels solely with their own cap­i­tal, and there­fore look to ei­ther part­ner with bet­ter-cap­i­talised de­vel­op­ers or those look­ing for de­vel­op­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties in an as­set-light model by giv­ing them de­vel­op­ment rights in h projects.

With this ar­range­ment, the to de- clut­ter and see how you mo­ti­va­tion lev­els peak! You can start by dis­pos­ing of pens which are un­used/you haven’t re­filled, old ‘to-do’ lists still on your pin board, last month’s cal­en­dar and any­thing which is cur­rently not in use. One of the prop­er­ties of a good desk lies in its firm foun­da­tion. A strong ta­ble of ad­e­quate pro­por­tions sup­ported by sturdy legs is a start­ing point. Also factor in the fol­low­ing:

Wealth: Ac­cord­ing to the Bagua map, the up­per left cor­ner of the desk is the wealth and money sec­tor. To ac­ti­vate it, Place the three-legged for­tune frog or some bam­boos/money plant here. Make sure that the area right in front of you ( the cen­tre) is clear and empty. This al­lows new work and ca­reer op­por­tu­ni­ties to flow into your life. If you are a stu­dent or pur­su­ing aca­demics, hang a feng shui crys­tal ball in the knowl- edge and wis­dom sec­tor of the Bagua with a red thread. Make sure it is well en­er­gised.

Desk shape: If you are in a creative pro­fes­sion where you are re­quired to come up with new ideas ev­ery day or are look­ing for a con­fer­ence ta­ble then a cir­cu­lar desk is ideal for you. A rec­tan­gu­lar desk works well for aca­dem­i­cans, schol­ars and pro­fes­sion­als.

Desk ma­te­rial: Metal­lic desks pro­mote fo­cus and clar­ity but be care­ful as pro­longed us­age has a drain­ing af­fect on the body. As a rule of thumb, when in doubt, opt for a wooden desk. Lam­i­nated desks have neu­tral Chi which is nei­ther good nor bad. Glass ta­ble tops fil­ter en­ergy quickly through them, en­cour­ag­ing trust and transpar- ency. This works well if you are in the sales or HR depart­ment. How­ever, to add sta­bil­ity and re­li­a­bil­ity ac­ces­sorise your desk with the wood el­e­ment such as plants, a wooden box, wooden pa­per­weights etc.

Colours: Ac­cord­ing to feng shui, good desk colours are green, light earthy tones of beige, sandy yel­lows etc and shades of browns. Avoid or­anges and red. White and greys will drain the body whereas loud, bright colours will stress the mind. A black desk can work won­ders for writ­ers, an­a­lysts and en­trepreneurs.

Buy­ers be­ware

On the sur­face, a jointly-de­vel­oped project may not ap­pear to com­pli­cate things for home­buy­ers. How­ever, es­pe­cially in the case of town­ships be­ing de­vel­oped jointly with an­other de­vel­oper, buy­ers must watch out for qual­ity vari­a­tions. On the plus side for buy­ers, the main de­vel­oper may of­ten of­fer sig­nif­i­cant dis­counts in build­ings fall­ing in his own share of the project if his cash con­straints were the rea­son for the part­ner­ship in the first place.

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