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Much of the Man­gar area was brought un­der the Pun­jab Land Preser­va­tion Act, 1900 (PLPA) The re­stric­tions im­posed by the PLPA in­cluded “the clear­ing or break­ing up or cul­ti­vat­ing of land not or­di­nar­ily un­der cul­ti­va­tion” [Sec­tion 4(a)] and also “the cul­ti­vat­ing of any land or­di­nar­ily un­der cul­ti­va­tion” [Sec­tion 5(a)] How­ever, when it comes to Man­gar, sev­eral judg­ments have clas­si­fied its land as a ‘for­est’. So in ef­fect, ‘pri­vate land’ be­long­ing to farmers is a deemed for­est

PLPA re­stric­tions are gen­er­ally time bound, usu­ally for a pe­riod of 25 years but a large por­tion of the Man­gar area has been re­leased from the PLPA

De­spite the ex­piry of the PLPA no­ti­fi­ca­tions much of the area is still con­sid­ered a ‘for­est’ area

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