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High struc­tures, stair­cases with faulty design, high-ten­sion wires run­ning through the length and breadth of lanes and blocked drainage sys­tems – this is not a war zone but a res­i­den­tial area. What is most strik­ing here are the kundi (power pil­fer­age) con­nec­tions and high ten­sion wires run­ning close to the build­ings. “The ideal dis­tance be­tween the wires and build­ings should be at least 6 me­tres to pre­vent dam­age in case of a fire out­break. How­ever, if there is a fire spread by wind in the sur­round­ing build­ings, then the dis­tance should be at least be four to five times more to pre­vent dam­age to trans­mis­sion lines or trans­form­ers,” says a struc­tural safety ex­pert.

Most of the high-risk struc­tures here have base­ments and th­ese are be­ing used as stor­age spa­ces for heavy ma­chiner­ies. Most of them don’t have any es­cape routes and are cramped.

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