Pur­chas­ing prop­erty on this day brings with it the as­sur­ance of non-di­min­ish­ing good for­tune and pros­per­ity

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Ak­shaya Tri­tiya is one of those days in the year where one stands to ben­e­fit sig­nif­i­cantly from ev­ery new ac­qui­si­tion. And this day has been as­so­ci­ated with the buy­ing of gold and prop­erty since an­cient times. This year, Ak­shaya Tri­tiya falls on April 21.

Ac­cord­ing to Hindu mythol­ogy, Ak­shaya Tri­tiya is one of three days in the Hindu cal­en­dar when one does not need a ‘right time’ to start some­thing aus­pi­cious. Each mo­ment of this day is con­sid­ered pro­pi­tious. For believ­ers, there could be no bet­ter al­ter­na­tive.

The re­li­gious sig­nif­i­cance

Sev­eral im­por­tant mo­ments and in­ci­dents de­scribed in Hindu mytholog y made Ak­shaya Tri­tiya one of the most-cul­tur­ally sig­nif­i­cant dates. Ak­shaya Tri­tiya is con­sid­ered to be the start to the Treta Yug, as­so­ci­ated with the birth of in­car­na­tions of Lord Vishnu, in­clud­ing Lord Ram, Para­sur­ama and Va­mana Ak­shaya Tri­tiya is the day when the tale of Ma­hab­harata be­gan to be inked by Lord Gane­sha and Ved Vyas Ak­shaya Tri­tiya is also the day when, ac­cord­ing to popular be­lief, the Pan­davas dis­cov­ered buried weapons which helped them achieve victory in the last battle of Ma­hab­harata It is on this day that Ku­bera, the cus­to­dian of God­dess Laxmi’s wealth and prop­erty, re­ceived this po­si­tion. All of the above sug­gest that Ak­shaya Tri­tiya is a di­vine day for the start of any ac­tiv­i­ties, most es­pe­cially in­vest­ments and busi­ness ven­tures. Prop­erty bought on this day brings with it the as­sur­ance of non-di­min­ish­ing (‘ak­shaya’) good for­tune.

Prac­ti­cal sense

Apart from the fact that a home is a new be­gin­ning to life, fam­ily and ca­reer, pur­chas­ing a prop­erty on Ak­shaya Tri­tiya has both spir­i­tual and prac­ti­cal sig­nif­i­cance.

Not only do new home own­ers want to take such a sig­nif­i­cant step in their life on a day of such holy oc­ca­sion, but Ak­shaya Tri­tiya also presents the best op­por­tu­nity to move in to a new home.

This is the start of sum­mer, when the schools close for the sum­mer va­ca­tions, and there is prac­ti­cally a month in hand dur­ing which one can com­fort­ably shift from the old res­i­dence to the new one.

In other words, this pe­riod is un­like any other part of the year, and makes com­plete sense when it comes to real es­tate pur­chase or other fi­nan­cial in­vest­ments. Need­less to say, the prop­erty mar­ket is kept quite busy dur­ing Ak­shaya Tri­tiya and this year, the good deals avail­able in this pe­riod in­di­cate that there can­not be a bet­ter time to buy a home.


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