Farid­abad: trivia on the smart city

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A his­tor­i­cal per­spec­tive: Farid­abad was founded in 1607 AD by Shaikh Farid, trea­surer of em­peror Ja­hangir with the ob­jec­tive of pro­tect­ing the high­way that passed through the town

Carved out of Gur­gaon’s womb: Farid­abad was in­cluded on the map of Haryana on Au­gust 2, 1979, as the 12th dis­trict of the state. It was carved out of Gur­gaon dis­trict

In­dus­tries and em­ploy­ment: The to­tal num­ber of small, medium and large in­dus­tries in Farid­abad dis­trict is about 15,000, which pro­vides direct and in­di­rect em­ploy­ment to nearly half a mil­lion peo­ple

Master Plan 2031: The draft de­vel­op­ment plan 2031 has been pro­posed keep­ing in view the over­all town den­sity of 113 per­sons per hectare and seeks to ac­com­mo­date 38.86 lakh peo­ple by that year within an ur­ban­is­able area of 34,368 hectares

Nat­u­ral con­ser­va­tion zone: The area on the west­ern pe­riph­eral road of pub­lished Farid­abad-Bal­lab­garh Com­plex 2011 fall­ing under the Aravalli range has been des­ig­nated as nat­u­ral con­ser­va­tion zone in the plan. A 500-me­tre belt on both sides of the Ya­muna river has also been pro­posed

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