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Open park­ing: Park­ing under the open sky has been dis­cour­aged in group hous­ing projects by var­i­ous civic acts and courts’ judg­ments be­cause not only does it en­croach upon open green ar­eas and parks, it also has an ad­verse im­pact on the en­vi­ron­ment and is not good for wa­ter har­vest­ing

Stilt park­ing: Stilt area is a space above the ground and below the first floor with col­umns that sup­port the first floor and the build­ing. In var­i­ous apart­ment acts, stilt area has been de­fined as part of the com­mon area and prefer­ably used for car park­ing

Base­ment park­ing: Base­ment, an un­der­ground area, is again a part of the com­mon ar­eas and fa­cil­i­ties in any group hous­ing pro­ject. In a ma­jor­ity of group hous­ings, de­vel­op­ers pro­vide park­ing fa­cil­i­ties in the base­ment

Garage park­ing: A garage is legally equiv­a­lent to a flat/apart­ment. De­vel­op­ers don’t pro­vide garage park­ing in a group hous­ing pro­ject be­cause they pre­fer to sell apart­ments at very high prices

Multi-level park­ing: Due to the high costs in­curred in the con­struc­tion of multi-level park­ing, de­vel­op­ers gen­er­ally don’t pro­vide such park­ing fa­cil­i­ties in group hous­ing projects in In­dia 8000-9000 8000-10000 8000-10000 9000-10000 9000-10000 9000-10000 8000-10000 9000-11000 8000-10000

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