Wel­come luck on Ak­shay Tri­tiya

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Ac­cord­ing to the Hindu mythol­ogy and Vedic scrip­tures, the third day of the bright fort­night in the lu­nar month of Vaishaka is cel­e­brated as Ak­shaya Tritya or Akha­teej. It falls on May 9 on 2016. (It comes once a year with an ex­alted sun and the third wax­ing moon shin­ing at their bright­est).

Leg­end has it that on this day, Sage Vyas be­gan writ­ing the great hindu epic Ma­hab­harata. Ku­bera (the God of wealth) prayed to God­dess Lak­shmi who in turn be­stowed him with great wealth and po­si­tion, God­dess Anapoorna Devi was born, the Treta Yuga com­menced and Lord Vishnu was in­car­nated as Parashu­rama.

On this day, pen­ni­lessSu­dama vis­ited his wealthy friend Lord Kr­ishna to ask for fi­nan­cial help. Not want­ing to go empty handed, he car­ried poha (rice puff) for Kr­ishna. As he walked into his friend’s grand palace he felt ashamed of his hum­ble of­fer­ing. Sens­ing his dis­com­fort, Kr­ishna put him at ease by telling him how much he loved his gift. Su­dama was shy and could not ask for the help he so des­per­ately needed. To his sur­prise, when he reached home, his hut had trans­formed into a mag­nif­i­cent house and his fam­ily was dressed in royal robes.

The word Ak­shaya means end­less or never di­min­ish­ing. It’s be­lieved that any in­vest­ment you make on this day will give you very good re­turns. Money at­tracts money, so ac­quir­ing as­sets like land, gold and prop­erty are con­sid­ered aus­pi­cious on this day.

In fact, the very act of seal­ing the deal/ book­ing a space is con­sid­ered aus­pi­cious for it is equiv­a­lent to in­vok­ing god­dess Lak­shmi in ac­tion and deeds. Busi­ness en­deav­ours will bear fruit and investments un­der­taken on this day are free from any malefic in­flu­ence and will pros­per in per­pe­tu­ity. This ‘mahu­rat’ is con­sid­ered sarva sid­dhi and comes only once a year, so go ahead and make the most of it!


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