Primer on aravalli hills

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What is it? Man­gar Bani cov­ers about 650 acres in the Aravalli hills of Man­gar and Band­hwari vil­lages, while its 500m buf­fer en­com­passes about 950 acres across Man­gar, Band­hwari and Kot vil­lages

Should one in­vest? Land ownership rules vary in all th­ese vil­lages, and if one goes by en­vi­ron­ment and other laws, in­vest­ing in land over here is fraught with risks. It is im­por­tant to un­der­stand how the Aravalli com­mon land was pri­va­tised and what its for­est sta­tus is

Man­gar com­mon land: In 2012, the Jas­pal Singh judg­ment of the Supreme Court held that ownership of the Man­gar vil­lage com­mon land be re­stored to the pan­chay­ats across the coun­try. This was, how­ever, not im­ple­mented in true spirit

Pro­tect Man­gar Bani: Now that the No Con­struc­tion Zone (NCZ) has been sent for no­ti­fi­ca­tion, ex­perts say that the next steps would be to de­clare the Man­gar Bani as a for­est so that it gets the pro­tec­tion of for­est laws, and de­clare it to be a sanc­tu­ary

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